Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (part 1)


imageCharles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” illustrated the basic truths about ghosts in our lives and how they can haunt us.  In the movie there were three ghost: the ghost of the past, the ghost of the present and the ghost of the future.  Each of the ghosts reflected on various aspects of Mr. Scrooge’s life and the consequences of the decisions he made over the years.  The ghosts showed Mr. Scrooge, “the what was” and “the what ifs” of his life. Scrooge would have to admit that these three ghosts were there to remind him of the consequences of his decisions made in the past. But there are other ghosts holding him back from  true success life had to offer.

Each one of us has various ghosts of fear that hold us back from enjoying life and success in business to the fullest.  Where we are today is a product of the decisions we made in the past whether they were imagegood decisions or bad.  We often wonder why we made the decisions we made and never really come to a conclusion because we quite often don’t know where to look.  In Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, chapter fifteen “How To Outwit The Six Ghosts of Fear” is a great place to start.

Where did these ghosts come from?  They are a product of the programming our subconscious mind has been given by well intentioned parents, relatives, religion, formal education and others who we associate with in our lives.  Our subconscious mind has been programmed with their view of life and how we should base our decisions.  They mean well but the problem is, we are not them and what they perceive life to be, applies to them only and not us.  These ghosts of fear come from those little ideals passed on to us like: “stop daydreaming”, “what will others think?”, “why would you want to do that for a career?”, “don’t be so stupid”, “you will never be able to do that”, “girls can’t be mechanics” and many many more.

From all the programming we receive these three enemies are spawned, and affect our lives in so many unimaginable ways .  Indecision, doubt and fear are very dangerous enemies that can grow in ones life unobserved.  Hill tells us that indecision crystalizes into doubt, indecision blends with doubt which turns into fear and it is this process which spawns the imageghosts of fear, there are six basic fears and all others fall under these six.  These ghosts are damaging beyond compare and are very often responsible for marriage breakups, failure in business, failed relationships and a general failure in many aspects of life.  The real danger is that we may not realize we have these ghosts because they have been part of our lives for so long.

If these ghosts go unchecked they will grow, the chances of success in various aspects of life dwindle and fade away and even if success is made it quite often falls by the wayside through self destruction.  The beginning steps to determining which ghosts may be hiding in the subconscious mind comes from study, research and self examination.  Many people do not like to do a self analysis or delve into their past to deal with and clear out these ghosts of fear, but if you want to move ahead in life and change your outlook then self analysis will be necessary to determine which of the ghosts are present.  Don’t be fooled, some of the ghosts are very hard to detect so honesty with oneself is a must.

One of the best ways to deal with the ghosts that haunt you is to become involved in a mastermind environment where other members share theirimage experiences and you share yours and search for the answers together in a safe setting.  When the mastermind is functioning as it is suppose to there is no judgement of others but just a genuine commitment of helping each other to discover the truth and dispel these ghost of fear.

In Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (part 2) we will go deeper into the six ghosts of fear.

A mastermind group who are committed to helping each other reach their dreams and goals is a must.  Contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


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