Frustrated Networker-Wrong Fact Did You In

I am amazed at the number of spam emails that I receive offering to help me with my business.  If you use this method of prospecting and now find that you have become a   frustrated networker, it is probably because the wrong fact did you in.

What I find perplexing is that they offer to help me in my XYZ Company when I am not in XYZ company.  I see it all the time. I just send the email to the trash without giving it another thought.  I wonder if imagethey realize how much time is wasted using this method? How could they, it is what they were taught to do.  When they joined another lead generating system they were taught to copy and paste a pre written script and send it to everyone on the list they bought.

Why does this not work?  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, generic trainer and industry legend, teaches the skill of talking to people rejection free.  He explains why methods of this type do not work.  Tom teaches about the “salesman alarm” that you can set off in a potential customer or prospect by what you say and do.  When you set the alarm off the prospect has deduced that you are trying to sell them something imageso they go into self preservation mode and shut you out.  The salesman alarm filter is the second filter, the first being the “will it kill me alarm”.  Tom teaches how to get through both filters rejection free with the customer or prospect asking for more.

The first filter “will it kill me?” is just as it says.  As you are speaking to your potential customer/prospect their subconscious mind determines if what you are saying to them is going to kill them and if it will not it slips by this filter to the next level.  This second filter “salesman alarm” filter is the hardest to get by and if you use the wrong approach you are dead in the water.  imageSo how do you get by this filter?  Tom teaches a simple formula that goes like this: fact, fact, little bit of information.  The first fact gets you past the “will it kill me” filter and The second fact gets by the “salesman alarm” filter.

There are more rules to applying this skill but I have answered the question of why these spam emails do not work.  The content of the email gets by the “will it kill me” filter but because the content of the email is not factual (wrong company) the “salesman alarm” filter will not let the information through and the natural action is to trash the email.

Network marketing requires learning the proper skills to be successful.  If you do not learn the proper skills you are paving the road to becoming a frustrated network marketer.  If you are a frustrated network marketer what are you going to do about it?

If you are a frustrated marketer and have made the decision to do something about it  then begin learning the proper skills by CLICKING HERE.

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