Frustrated Networker-Who’s Site Is It Anyways?

For those of you that have decided to increase your credibility and exposure make sure to do your due diligence.  The title “Frustrated Networker-Who’s Site Is It Anyways?” was inspired by a friend having their web site designed and programmed by so called professionals…

imageWhen the project began a contract was drawn up explaining what was expected of the graphic artist and the programmer.  The work that was required was outlined and how the site was to look and operate.  The graphic artist stated that she knew all about network marketing and assured my friend she was in good hands…

On that note the graphic artist has been designing the website to how she perceives it should be and not to the clients specifications. This left my friend wondering “who’s site is it anyways? My friend, like many people,  knows nothing about constructing a web site or programming so she reached out in order to reach her goal.  She purchased web hosting through the programmer and the site’s administration security was set up as per the graphic artist and programmer.  They had full access and control which in hind site was a mistake that would come back to bite my friend.  How can this happen? After all these people are the professionals!

A great deal of money was paid to have the site constructed but the final results were not what was expected nor are they to date completed.

Simple text errors were made and took several weeks to be corrected and in fact I corrected some myself since satisfaction was not forthcoming. Website Construction The instructions and expectations were not met and some of the sites are still not completed and do not work as promised.  Then files would go missing they would blame my friend, who may I add knows nothing of the programming and just uploads a monthly audio as per their instructions.  They would call the hosting company to have the missing files restored  and then charge a fee to my friend.  I am not convinced that these professionals were not involved with the incidences but used them to increase the charges.  I say this because my friend has never confirmed a delete and never will without instructions.  Giving too much authority can lead you down this path of frustration and expense.

Now that my friends is putting pressure to have the site completed, already past the date set for launch, these professionals are denying that the contract included certain work.  They have stated that some things could not be done which I have implemented imageby doing some research.  I think the truth is more that they are in over their heads and are not as professional as they would like people to believe.  I simply think that they are not capable of doing the expected work and are now denying the meaning of statements within the contract.  If these so called professionals were not capable of doing the required work they should have stated so and made recommendations to my friend to look for others that could see the project through.

If you are thinking about using professional graphic artists and programmers make sure you have a contract and outline exactly what you expect of them.  The contract should state all the particulars of the project and how it is to operate.  If you are giving a potential client the opportunity to download a document then the site needs to operate as such.  If the said document needs to be linked to a member of the site who is promoting the product, that needs to be taken into consideration also.  It may require the site to have a back office for each member and records to be maintained and available.  Make sure those things are explained and placed into the contract and all parties know what is expected of them.  A note ofimage caution:  Make sure there are witnesses to the contract and the payment method used allows for remedy if you do not receive  what was agreed upon.  Use a credit card, not cash or any other payment option that does not allow for a chargeback.

I recommend if you are thinking  about using professional graphic artist and programmer that you do your due diligence and do some research before imagecommitting to a contract.  Ask the company or individual that you are considering, to furnish you with references so you can see some of the sites they have done and  ask the site owners for any feedback regarding their experience.    Make sure to check things out before spending your hard earned money otherwise you may become a frustrated network marketer.

It seems that no matter what endeavour you embark upon there can be mountains to climb,  rivers to cross imageand uncharted waters to navigate.  Regardless of the vehicle used to overcome these obstacles it is in your best interest to be prepared for the upcoming event.  If it is your adventure make sure to be in control and don’t relinquish control to anyone.


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One thought on “Frustrated Networker-Who’s Site Is It Anyways?

  1. Thanks Dave and Darlene. It has definitely been a nightmare and the nightmare is still ongoing with these people. I am giving them to the end of October to finish the last progect and if it isn’t finished Oh Well! I will yank my sites off the programmers server and get my own hosting. If anyone wants to know who this company is, you may contact Dave and Darlene and they will give you my contact info, so I can tell you who TO STAY AWAY FROM!!!!

    To Your Success,

    Linda Hoffman
    Nutrition Consultant, Network Marketing Mentor, Coach and Trainer

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