Frustrated Networker – Good Morning 79642

You wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise and get your day going with a great breakfast.  Ahh the perfect day and to make it better you are greeted byimage your best friend who has come to go golfing with you.  As you open the door your friend says “Good Morning 79642”.  “You know my friend I do have a first name.”  “Yeah I know; but your just a number to me.”

You stop for a moment and ponder the thought that you are just a number to your best friend.  What a cold and impersonal feeling you are left with.

I have heard; as I am sure you have, the statement, “Network Marketing/MLM is a numbers game.”  Yes I know you need to generate a number of leads or customers to grow your business but this is not the meaning of the statement.  The meaning of the statement was more like: buy a thousand leads and call each one, slam them with your product or imagebusiness opportunity and if you don’t get the response you were looking for then “NEXT”.  If you just keep doing that you might capture a customer or business partner.  How many leads do you buy and at what expense?  Are you getting the results you thought you would?  If you are not, have you considered why not?

People, customers and business prospects do not think of themselves as numbers so why should we treat them as numbers.  There is nothing more discouraging than being treated as a number by your upline or the business opportunity you have joined.

You can determine whether you are just a number by the support you receive from your upline.  If there never seems to bemorethananumber1 time for you to get help or training from your upline then you may just be a number to them.  To the upline you may just be volume for their bonus  check or just a number  added to the downline so they can brag about how big their downline is.

If you are in the above position, being treated as a number it is up to you to make the commitment not to treat your customers, downline and potential business partners as numbers but as people that count.

A person wants to be treated like a real person and with dignity.  Every person is either a father, mother, child, aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend to someone and is loved by someone.  They have meaning and importance to someone and that needs to be respected by how we treat them.  Treating anyone in any other way degrades them and you fall out of rapport making your job even harder.

People matter and as a network marketer our job is to listen to them, find out what they want and help them get it.  Treating people as a number does not imagereflect that truth and does not build a know, like and trust relationship.  That is approaching potential customers and business partners with an agenda that they will feel.  Once an agenda is felt your opportunity to add that customer or potential business partner to your business is in most cases lost.

If you view potential customers and business partners as numbers and find they disappear on you, I ask “What are you going to do about it?”

I recommend you download this free eBook, Are You Walking Past A Fortune?, and learn to view people as people and not numbers.


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