Frustrated Networker – A Tell All Interview with Bob and Anna Bassett

As a frustrated networker more frustration is NOT what you are looking for. I would dare to venture a guess that you do want to know how to end that frustration and finally make your home business work. Well today I hope as you read this article that you will learn from “A Tell All Interview With Bob and Anna Bassett”  of

In 2011 Bob and Anna were chosen as two of the network marketing industry’s TOP 100 Mentors. Before this recognition they admit to some very expensive failure and frustration, but were also able to turn these unfortunate experiences around.

Bob is a retired math teacher and Anna is a retired Private Investigator.

Bob and Anna Bassett of Ontario, Canada started their network marketing career in 1999. Over the next seven years, they made just about every mistake possible!

They worked five long years in a “recruit, recruit, recruit” money swap company with a pay plan so poor that they ended up with a remortgaged house, maxed out credit cards and a bad case of the “What’s Wrong With Me’s?”.

They spent thousands of dollars buying useless leads, they travelled to see Tony Robins. They got all fired up but were not able to make a bigger income.   Bob and Anna joined an illegal pyramid which cost them thousands more. They even became  involved in a Ponzi scheme before they knew what the word meant. On to their next adventure of a mentoring program “SCAM” where they forked out a whopping ten thousand dollars more.  Lesson learned…how to earn $21; split three ways!

What turned their failure and frustration into success? They never gave up, they kept searching for answers and…

Finally in 2006, they read Success in Ten Steps and started to pay serious attention to the Mentoring For Free training system.  What caught their eye most was the importance of a 5 Pillar company. They learned what those Pillars were and then used that as a gage to determine if other companies they looked at would pass the test.

After some careful analysis and critical thinking, Bob and Anna’s business turned around  immediately.  Why? Because Bob and Anna became serious students of the industry AND learned from their mistakes.  They have since found a  5 Pillar company and are creating a solid income with the same diligence they tried to build the others scams and pyramids they found themselves struggling in.  They have learned that their lack of success was not their fault as your lack of success is not your fault.

What can you learn from Bob’s and Anna’s mistakes:

  1. How to spot prospects personalities and build an instant relationship with them
  2. How to evaluate MLM compensation plans and contracts written by company lawyers
  3. Most important – they learned the 5 points of comparison you must utilize as well to evaluate and decide whether a company has good profit potential or not

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In this candid interview, Bob and Anna explain how network marketing companies have stacked the cards against you and what you can do to avoid failure.

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