Frustrated Networker – A SCAM or a Pyramid Scheme!

I wish I had a penny for every time I hear that phrase. Unfortunately, most people think  Network Marketing is a scam or a pyramid scheme. But you know the unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of Network Marketing Companies out there that are scams. A lot of people are getting ripped off each and every day.  It breaks my heart to listen to some people tell us that they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to make it as a network marketer.

So ask yourself, why does this happen? Are people just plain stupid or dupable to fall for  scams and pyramid schemes? I don’t think that is the case at all. I think that the main problem is people get caught up in the HYPE and the promise of instant cash in three hours and don’t really understand what they are getting into. They don’t take the time to figure out if the opportunity is legal and legitimate or not. And some people want to join everything that is FREE.  FREE opportunities in my opinion are to be avoided.  You know people are not stupid, they’re just trusting! They trust that a company or sponsor wouldn’t wilfully try to rip them off.

Because of these relentless money monger companies and sponsors, it’s given our whole industry a really bad reputation.

So how do we compete with both the bad companies and the bad reputations?   Education! We need to get educated on what makes a legal legitimate company. There are signs. We just have to know what signs to look for.

5 pillar technologyThere is a way to determine if the company or opportunity you want to join or have already joined is indeed a legitimate home based business.  The gage or comparison module is known as “The 5 Pillars of Success” .  A good, solid, legitimate company will have all 5 of these Pillars.

PILLAR 1 – Experienced Company Management Leading Company With INTERGRITY … has the management team been network marketers working in the field before taking the helm of a company?

PILLAR 2 -  Timing is Everything…Timing in the Company (When to join) and Timing in the Industry (Timing of the products…right now Wellness Products are the next Trillion Dollar Industry poised to make millions of NEW Millionaires in the next 5 years– Good Timing for these products) 

PILLAR 3 – Products that are Remarkable…products that other people swarm after … REMEMBER the Product is NOT remarkable just because YOU love it.  It is REMARKABLE because the MASSES want it. 

PILLAR 4 – Compensation Plan- don’t fall for every claim that my company has the best compensation plan if you have never bothered to research the model of several compensation plans or the payout commission of several company compensation plans.  When you hear that you will receive 5% commission on  your first level and 4% on your second level, 2% on your third level and 7% on your fourth level….stop and ask yourself, “is that  a good compensation plan compared to 30% on your first level, 10% on your second level, 10% on your third level and 5% on your fourth level?” 

PILLAR 5 – A System for Duplication….SKILLS Duplicate

If any one pillar is missing, you should think twice about joining that company. Why? Because your chances of success diminish with every loss of a Pillar. Now, does a company without all 5 Pillars make it an instant Scam? No, not at all. But…. You can be guaranteed that if the company has all 5 Pillars it won’t be a scam. 

So which would you prefer? A guessing game? Or a book that will show you exactly what to look for in a good company and what to avoid?

To learn more about the 5 Pillars of Success technology, just email us at or find us on BIg AlbackcoverFacebookThere is nothing to lose, except precious time and frustration struggling to learn how to be successful in MLM today.  You will discover why you experience frustration and how to avoid scams and pyramid schemes.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

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