Frustrated Network Marketer–You Were Guaranteed Success

I have seen in some of the notices I get from some of the social sites that if you join this deal the person will guarantee your success.  I have seen this in the past and it seems to be recirculating again but I wonder if it just empty words to get you to join without any real promise.  When we first decided to join, the online business world, my wife joined one of these deals but found no real success and the payout was usually product that either was not available in your area or something you had no use for.  Payout was just a credit towards a product and/or service and not cash and that was why we joined the network marketing arena, to make cash to supplement our income.  Frustrated Network Marketer–You Were Guaranteed Success but all you got were empty words.

I often wonder how you can guarantee success of a person without really knowing what their work habits are and will they do exactly as instructed.  Success depends upon the individual involved and what they are willing to do to be successful.  How can you guarantee success to someone who puts very little to no effort into their own success.  YOU CAN’T!  The guarantee is only good if you do exactly what is outlined for you to do and quite often you will find there are some thing you can’t afford to do or even not have the ability to do.  Trying to get help when you need it becomes very difficult to get because the sponsor is too busy trying to get others into the deal.

When some guarantee success they will refund you back your money that was spent to join the deal.  What if they have moved on and no longer there, then what?  What happens if the company disappears?  If the sponsor has too many people who have not had success will they have the money to refund to each and every one  claiming lack of success?  And for that matter who is refunding, the company or the sponsor?  Guarantees of this nature are often a part of a scam that give you the sense you can’t loose but guess what?  Once they get your money they have no intention on refunding your money and if the company is based offshore the chances of getting a refund is impossible.

If you are joining any opportunity just because you are being guaranteed success and that is the only reason then you are about to discover the guarantee must come from within you.  You can be successful only if you are persistent, work hard on your business, join a company that has your best interest at heart with products or services in demand, learn the proper skills and never quit.  Before you begin any venture make sure you do your research on the company, management, policies and procedures, compensation plan and how long the company has been in business.  You can help guarantee your own success by following the above advice because joining an unstable opportunity that has its own interest at heart will only help guarantee your failure.  Frustrated Network Marketer–You Were Guaranteed Success but only you yourself can guarantee your success and no one else.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit. ~ Morgan Freeman

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