Frustrated Network Marketer–You Want It So Bad You Can Taste It

Sometimes in life a thought of some dream, something you have always desired, comes to mind and stays there.  You keep pondering and dreaming  “what if” I made it come true oh the possibilities.  I could get that new car, pay off the mortgage, finally get out of debt or be able to help my kids pay for their tuition for college.  You ponder this dream for days, then weeks which turn into months and then the dream fades away and is gone.  Just a passing thought that one day you will regret for not doing something about it.  Frustrated Network Marketer–You Want It So Bad You Can Taste It or at least you did.  What now?

A dream can be compared to food to illustrate my point.  If you taste your food and then just spit it out then your body receives no nutritional value and thus the food is wasted.  Your dream is very much the same in the fact that if you just dream but take no action to pursue the dream then it too is wasted.  The key to making a dream come true is to make a plan of action and then put action to it.  Without action you dream will fade away like a passing thought no matter how bad you want it.

For many people they never put action to their dream because they either do not want to put any effort into it  or they just don’t know where to begin.  For those that won’t put effort into it there is nothing anyone can do, to help you, until you decide your dream is worth the effort.  For those that do not know where to begin you may begin by seeking out those that are successful in obtaining their dream and make contact them to see if they are willing to talk to you.  If they are then make that call and ask the questions that will help you begin on the road to obtaining your dream.

Itomlydn the network marketing industry there are those that will give you their time to help you on the way to obtaining your dream.  One such person is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who is very successful in the industry and has helped many many people reach their dreams.  He also puts on training seminars and has a site dedicated to helping others.  You can seek out the people you need but on your part you need to put in the effort with perseverance with the belief you can do it.  Frustrated Network Marketer–You Want It So Bad You Can Taste It then the next step is yours.  It will be a crucial decision so make it a good one.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. ~ Napoleon Hill

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