Frustrated Network Marketer–Who’s Business Is It Anyways?

It sometimes can be difficult for those who are new to the Network Marketing Industry to know who is in control of their business.  They were enticed with the idea they would be starting their own business and be in control.  For some that is exactly the dream they were looking for, to be their own boss, while others ended up confused and disheartened.  Was this new venture theirs, it was supposed to be, but now they are not so sure and how could this be.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Who’s Business Is It Anyways?

We had heard stories from a few people who were concerned about joining any company online.  The reason for their concern was based on a past experience with a company they had been with.  Once they joined they began receiving instructions to post material on various social media sites.  If they did not then they would receive a demand to do so.  The demands were not written in a kind way but rudely done.  This seemed to be the way they were treated and the demands just kept coming.  Sometimes the demand would put stress upon the new business partners who would now have to show up to a meeting at some location to discuss business tactics as well as those that were doing well to flaunt off their success.  To some these meeting would involve trip time to which they did not have time for or the finances to pay for the trip.  To new business partners this can be disheartening to a point where they quit after a period of time.  They have received a bad experience which tends to sour the enthusiasm they had for their dream.

I would suspect that the demands made were not coming from theOL35 company but from those that had sponsored the new business partner.  The best way to tell what is expected you you as a business partner is to read the companies policies and procedures (your contract) to see what is expected of you and I would recommend that you do this before you sign up so you can decide whether you can live with the contract’s expectations.  When you join a company you become a small business independently distributing that company’s products and/or services.  The business is yours and those that have sponsored you in do not have the right to tell you how to run your business.  YOUR BUSINESS BEGINS WITH YOU!

In our experience we have shared ideas with those we have sponsored in a two way street. We have shared ideas with our sponsor in the same manner but we have never made demands upon those we have sponsored.  After all what may work for us may not work for those in our business.  We share what has been successful for us but never force anyone else to use it because they have their own ideas and methods to conduct business.  It is their business which we have no right to intrude upon.  We work as a team with our business partners just like we work with our sponsor and meet regularly by communicating through Skype which does not put stress on the team member and we realize not everyone can make it to every meeting.  We have found this to be a very successful way to work with our team knowing that each is running their own business.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Who’s Business Is It Anyways?

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