Frustrated Network Marketer–Where Oh Where Does The Money Come From?

Just give it away, it’s all free and no investment required and get your check at the end of the month.  The qualifications to get your check are high but that’s ok you’ll just have to do better next month.  I ask you Frustrated Network Marketer – Where Oh Where Does The Money Come From?  You were promised you would get paid  but where does the money come from to pay you?  There was no sale of a product or service, you just gave it away, so no revenue was generated to pay you.

In many cases the revenue comes from upgrades where someone opts to pay to get the full meal deal. It is  the only opportunity to generate an income.  But ask yourself: “Why did I join this opportunity?”  If you are honest with yourself your answer will be that it was free and no investment was required.  Now let me ask you:  “ Don’t you think that is what others, who joined under you, were thinking?”  If you are like most people who join an opportunity the last thing on your mind was to read the Policies and Procedures (your contract) to find out what you needed to do to get a check.  You were just so excited that you joined an opportunity that was not going to cost you a single dime but you were going to make money.

For the person above you to get paid it will mean you need to upgrade. Now there is money involved so what do you do?  Those that have joined you are also thinking the same thing.  Most people who have joined a free business opportunity do not entertain the idea of upgrading and spending any money but instead begin looking for the next free opportunity and get caught in this endless cycle.  Before long you are off on the hunt too just like the others.

I speak from experience…my wife and I joined a free opportunity; but once in, there were sites that included upgrades.  We did get the upgrade on one site and shortly thereafter sponsored 26 people into our business.  Of the 26 not one upgraded and in fact not one person did anything to build their business but just waited for the system to do the work for them.   Promised income from a free system never materializes.

If the free business opportunity does not have any upgraded which involves an investment there is no revenue generated to pay distributors unless the developer of the system puts it in themselves.  That is never going to happen because they are there to make money.  In most cases these free systems do one thing in the short time they are in existence.  When people sign up they are giving information that allows the system to build a list which the owner sells to other companies.  The owners have made their money and left you holding a bag of air which is your pay for joining a free opportunity.

One of the laws of the universe is “There is no getting something for  nothing.”  In a legitimate business opportunity investment will be required; whether it is in the form of an outright investment of the monetary type or in the form of a monthly autoship.  There is also the investment of time which you will need to provide for building your business.  There is no escaping that if you want to reach your goals and dreams.

“Never look at it as an investment in the company but rather as an investment in your future.”

I ask you Frustrated Network Marketer – Where Oh Where Does The Money Come From?

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

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