Frustrated Network Marketer–Where Is Your Tool Belt?

Each and every day when  carpenters arrive on the jobsite one of the first thing they does is strap on the tool belt.  It carries most of the tools they will use during the day while building a structure.  What you will find in the tool belt will be the tools that are most used and compact enough to be worn in the belt so they can be accessed quickly making the job go more efficiently.  Each tool has its purpose and each one is vitally important in getting the job done right and on time.  It is also the same for a network marketer, having the tools close by to get the job done professionally effectively.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Where Is Your Tool Belt?

Bob and Anna Bassett  of “” have often said you need to have the right tools in your tool belt so you can build your network marketing business.  The most important tools for your tool belt are having the proper skills when it comes to talking to people.  tomlydIf you were to speak to Bob and Anna and ask them where you would acquire these skills for your tool belt they would point you to their mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.  Tom teaches the skills of how to talk to people and use the right skill at the right time.  If you go and talk to people without the right skills you end up pushing them away ruining any chance of adding them to your team.  Tom teaches 25 skills and each one has its place and use.  These skills will make your job so much easier because you will be presenting to your prospective customer or business partner rejection free and leave a lasting impression upon their mind.  You can see how these skills can benefit you and how important they are to have in your tool belt.

Other tools you need to be carrying in you tool belt  if you are conducting business online may include some of the following.  If you are using the social networks you will need to know how to use the site, present yourself and business without spamming and annoying others in the group otherwise you may find yourself banned and your links blacklisted.  If you blog you will need a blogging platform and your own website to present yourself and business.  Many of the free blogging sites do not allow you to use links to your business and take offense to you promoting your business.  In your tool belt to help you with blogging you will need the skill to write and use the proper style so you get exposure.

If you plan to do your own advertising on social sites and websites you will need to add graphic creation skills to your tool belt.  This is not for everyone but if you are artistic there are a variety of free design products on the web you can use.  Do you need to be a graphic artist?   NO.  But you will need to learn the skill of using the programs to produce the graphic you want.  There are many skills you can add to your tool belt to do your business and I have only mentioned a few to give you an idea of how important your tool belt is to you and how it can improve how you do business.  Having the right tools close by will help those observing you see that you are professional at conducting your business.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Where Is Your Tool Belt?

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