Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Word Of Mouth Pays Off Or Sinks Your Business

Well here it approaches quickly again, that season we call winter.  In Nova Scotia that means there will be cold temperatures and it will be imperative that your source of heat is in working condition.  If its not then you will have an uncomfortable cold house making life difficult until the season passes.  My furnace broke down and because of events that happened I am writing Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Word Of Mouth Pays Off Or Sinks Your Business.

When my furnace broke down I knew I would need a furnace technician to repair it for me.  Well I started by looking in the phone book and asking fellow workers for advice on who to use.  I had a few names down and began to make calls.  My first choice was left a message on their answering machine, they did not call back.  I then called their cell phone and received the same response.  I then called my second choice only to be told they only service what they sell.  When I called my third choice I talked to the office and they informed me that they had a technician in the area and would stop off when they were finished the job they were doing.  Within a short time after arriving the technician finished the repair, the furnace was up and running.  The service was very prompt, professional and at a very reasonable cost.  This will be a company I will recommend to anyone who asks if I know who repairs furnaces.

You may ask, “what this has to do with network marketing?”  If you are like me, when a business treats me right, I will spread the word and recommend the company to others.  Well the same applies to network marketing.  People tend to recommend you and your products and services to others because of the good service you provide.  If you conduct your business professionally with prompt service and reasonable pricing the chances of getting a recommendation from those you have serviced is very likely.  Professional service includes thanking customers for their business, returning phone calls and emails promptly, even if it to acknowledge that you have received the communication and will be answering them back as soon as you can.  One of the best things you can do is keeping in touch with your customers, past and present, and by communicating with them you continue to build the relationship as well as keeping the door open to future business.

As an example we picked up a customer who stated, “I chose to buy from you because you interact with me.”  Taking the time to continue building a relationship keeps the door open to business and it works.

If you do not conduct your business professionally and take your customers for granted by not thanking them or communicating back when they phone or email you, then the chances of you getting a good recommendation begins to decline even to the point of not getting one at all.  If you ignore your customers plea for help when something goes wrong then their recommendation to others will be “Don’t buy anything from this business because you won’t receive  good service and no one will answer you back when you need help to resolve your issue!”  That kind of recommendation can sink your business especially in this day and age of social media.  A bad recommendation can spread very quickly and cover a large area which in turn can affect your business to the point where you will struggle to do business at all.

If you want word of mouth to act in your favour remember to run your business professionally by giving prompt service and treat your customers and business partners the same way you would want to be treated.  Word of mouth advertising can help build your business and goes further than paid advertising and all you need to do is conduct your business professionally and show you care when it comes to your customers and business partners.  Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Word Of Mouth Pays Off Or Sinks Your Business will depend on the choice you make.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. ~ Sam Walton


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