Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Message Has A Truth You Don’t Like, Attack The Messenger Personally

It appears that when some network marketers are hit with a truth or information, that a writer thought was important enough to pass along, their course of action was to attack the writer personally.  If the attacker had any kind of professionalism they would have challenged the information and did research before  attacking.  Frustrated Network Marketer – When the message has a truth you don’t like, attacking the messenger personally is never a path you should take.

Before anyone ever comments on an article they need to have read it carefully to make sure they understand what the writer is trying to convey.  If you are not sure contact the writer either by email or whatever means they have provided and get clarification.  As a reader you need to validate any information you are reading by doing research, Google is a great investigative source, if you are questioning the information.  If during your investigation you find the information to be the truth and it pertains to your situation you just may want to thank the writer for thinking of others and their desire to protect them from harm, either financial or legal.

Just attacking someone personally because you don’t agree with them does not show leadership quality.  When true leaders disagree they try to see things from the others point of view and sometimes they find fault in their own point of view.  If they still find their point of view to be right they still do not attack the other person personally but challenge the information.  If you never try to look at a situation through another persons eyes you have closed your mind to just your own point of view and have narrowed your ability to learn from another person.  Keeping your mind open can lead to a broader learning experience where you take in ideas and a fresh new way to see the world.

If asked, would I join someone in business who thinks nothing of attacking another person either through written comments or verbally?  My answer would be NO for a number of reasons.  People of this type attract confrontation and I don’t know about you but I got into network marketing to ultimately grow my business, meet new people, develop lifelong relationships, share dreams and Ideas that lead to success, not the opposite.  Those who are confrontational carry a negative attitude about them. Which I guess you could say is anti-attraction marketing, and as we all know to have success in network marketing you need attraction.

Network marketing should be fun, enjoyable and full of new experiences.  If you are a blogger and you believe providing truthful information to others, as a service to protect, don’t stop providing the information because a Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Message Has A Truth You Don’t Like, Attack The Messenger Personally  show up in the form of a comment or email.  Leaders think about others while non leaders think about themselves.

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