Frustrated Network Marketer–When Does My Big Ship Come In?

Very often as a network marketing team leader you will sponsor a new business partner into your business.  Your new business partner is beginning to get off the ground and then comes the question.  “When does the really big money come?”  How do you answer that question?  There are many answers to that question but the only answer is a truth filled answer.  It may not be exactly what they were hoping for but the truth is the truth is the truth.  A new business partner may become a Frustrated Network Marketer–When Does My Big Ship Come In? especially when basing their question upon false information about the industry they have heard.

The network marketing industry has been give a false impression by those who have exploited the public.  Promises of getting very rich in a very short period of time has been advertised and pushed into the publics beliefs.  Many of the get rich schemes are products of scammers who have set up false expectations of getting rich in a short period of time with very little or no work involves as well as no selling required.  If you do your research on the opportunity before you join you would find the business model of this type of scheme goes against the regulations the Federal Trade Commission has put in place to protect the public.  It is unfortunate but many loose their money when they join and as they begin to prosper the FTC orders them to shut down the business due to the infractions of the rules of how to conduct business.  Many distributors in the business also may find themselves responsible to pay back money to those they brought into the opportunity and could even face prison terms.

If you have joined an opportunity or are looking into one you need to realize that legal business are based upon selling a product, in a bottle, bag or box, or a service that benefits the purchasing public.  There must be a product or service sold to be compliant with the FTC.

If you are a new business partner and you are wondering when your big ship is coming in and you understand there must be a product or service sold to earn commissions then the answer will be based upon sales.  If you want to earn the “BIG DOLLARS” you must increase your sales volume to be able to do this.  In businesses where you are building your downline you will need to recruit new business partners to help increase your sales volume.  Your commission check will grow according to how the compensation plan has been set up.  Remember your “BIG MONEY” will come based upon what you do to grow your business.

Will it be easy? NO!  It is going to take determination, an investment in yourself and persistently doing activities that build your business.  You will need to make sure the activities you do are building your business and not just making you feel you are busy.  You will need to reach out and build know, like and trust relationships and continue to stay in touch with your new friends.  Relationships are very important in the industry but so is the skill of talking to people abouttomlyd your product or services as well as the business opportunity.  To reach the big money you will need to master a few of these skills.  There are a number of generic trainers you can learn from.  One of the trainers is Network Marketing Legend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who teaches 25 different skills to help you become successful.

Is it possible to earn the big money in a short period of time with a legitimate company?  It has been done by others but they have put in their blood, sweat and tears to arrive there.  You will need to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your dream.  Whatever it takes means conducting yourself with integrity, persistence and sound business practices.  Frustrated Network Marketer–When Does My Big Ship Come In?  the answer lies within you.

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