Frustrated Network Marketer–When Adding One Still Equals Zero

So you have added a new business partner to your business but you just don’t seem to be growing.  What could be the problem?  In fact I have added several new business partners but nothing seems to be happening within my business that looks like growth.  My monthly bonus check hasn’t even grown and I just can’t put my finger on the reason why.  These new partners just don’t do anything to help my business.  Don’t they want to make a great bonus check too?  Just maybe they were never interested even though they were excited to join the opportunity.  Frustrated Network Marketer–When Adding One Still Equals Zero there is a good reason for the lack of growth.

Have you spent any time with your new business partner?  If you are thinking that all you had to do was sign them up then you have just discovered why your new business partners are not producing the result you were hoping for.  Once you bring them into your business opportunity you take on a new set of responsibilities that you must tend to.  If all you do is sign them up and forget about your new business partner you have just left them to flounder and eventually fail especially if they are new to the network marketing arena.  Your role as the upline sponsor becomes one of being a teacher (mentor), friend, encourager as well as a helper.  You need to be there for them.

Training and spending time with your new business partner gives you time to also strengthen and deepen your relationship with them.  One of the very first things you will want to accomplish is to go through a checklist of tasks that will need to be done to set them on the way to success.  You may need to help them set up any replicated company sites as well as explain to them their policies and procedures (binding contract) they have with the company.  You will want to set them on the right track right away when it come to following policies.  One that you will want to stress is compliance.  That just means that they are aware of what they can say about the products they will be selling and how they can advertise them according to the policies.  Keep in mind that is they make claims about a product that do not follow Federal Trade Commission  and The Food and Drug Administrations guidelines your new business partner may find themselves in trouble with these two factions.

If your business partner is new to network marketing you may need to teach them how to set up Fan Pages on Facebook and other social sites.  If they have chosen to advertise you may need to lend a hand there as well.  Like most new business partners they are tomlydgoing to want to know exactly what to say to promote the products and business opportunity.  They will be looking to you for this information so be prepared to share some communication skills with them so they can confidently approach people.  If you are new to the business yourself and sponsoring a new business partner and find yourself lacking in some of the communication skills then I would suggest finding a very successful network marketer like Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and subscribing to his site and learn these skills to pass on to your partners.

New business partners want to know how to do the business without having rejection.  If you can teach them this skill it will go along way to growing their confidence.  If as a sponsor you don’t have these skills to teach them then become a professional pointer and point them in the direction where they can learn the skills for success.  You as a sponsor are not required to know everything but always be willing to learn yourself so you build your skill sets so you can pass them on to your team members.  As the leader of your team set forth a good example so your team members can follow in your footsteps and in turn their team members will do the same.  Frustrated Network Marketer–When Adding One Still Equals Zero may mean you have not taken on the responsibility you need to for the good of your team.  Be a leader and lead your team towards success.

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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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