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Why does someone buy a product or join a business opportunity?  Have you ever thought about this question?  If you don’t know the answer then you are imagemissing the target.  How about  asking yourself why you joined the   business opportunity or why you are buying a product from a network marketing company?  The answer you give is crucial to your success or lack of success, so take your time.

If you are buying a product from an online network marketing/mlm company just because you need or like it, that is okay.  How did you come about finding the product?  Do you really know the distributor you are buying the product from?  If you found a similar product at a better price, more attractive imagepackaging, would you jump to that distributor to get the better price or cooler packaging?

Did you join a network marketing/mlm opportunity for the sole reason of making money, satisfying an ego or self indulgent dream?  If these are the reasons ask yourself why you picked the opportunity you have joined? Did you know the person that had sponsored you into their business?  If in a month or longer you do not get the response or success YOU thought was due, do you just hop to another opportunity?

If you are described in the above paragraphs or feel your customers or those you have sponsored feel the same way then you are missing one very key ingredient.  That ingredient is “LOYALTY”.  One veryimage good method to building loyalty is through a know, like and trust relationship.  I am going to talk about the know part of the relationship.

How do you develop the know side of the relationship?  One very key method is by branding yourself on the internet and gaining a presence that people can recognize.  How do you brand yourself?  One method involves using your real identity and not some alias name or even a team name.  The second important factor is using a real picture of yourself and not some cute cartoon character or picture of nature, product or money etc.  When people looking at a business opportunity or product do not see the real you they begin to wonder “what” is behind theimage picture or title instead of “who” is there.

People who stumble upon your product or business opportunity need to see a real person behind it.  That becomes the beginning of developing the “know” part of the relationship and seeing a real person begins to build trust also.  Think of how you feel when you do not see a real name or picture.  Are there thoughts of trust or thoughts of mistrust?

Some of the methods used to brand yourself may involve writing a blog.  If that is one of the methods you are using make sure to use a phrase in the title or blog body that you use consistently that will become associated with you.  When people Google the phrase it will lead to you so pick one that is not associated with a lot of other people.  Using the blogging method of imagebranding requires you to post consistently on the same day(s) and the same time.  Consistency is the key here so people who read your blog will know what day and what time to be looking for your new post.

If you use traffic exchanges to promote your products and business make sure to set up your profile with a real name and a real picture.  It again, promotes you and brands you on the traffic exchanges and people there begin to recognize you and are more likely to click on your ads than ones who’s promoter is hidden behind a alias name and picture.

The same goes for social sites also where you fill out a profile.  Making sure to show your real self goes along way to promoting yourself.  I very rarely will click on a profile that is represented by an alias picture and name.  If you were to ask me I would say that they are trying to hide something whether it is place of origin or just do not want to be identified.  If you are trying to promote a business or product while hiding I would wonder if you are a scammer or someone who is embarrassed of their product or business opportunity.

imageAre you branding yourself or a team?  It is far more valuable to brand yourself properly than any team or group.  In the words of Tom (Big Al) Schreiter, “People join people not companies” and to carry it further they don’t join teams they join the individuals of a team.  Yes they end up on a team but that is because they joined an individual on the team.  Branding yourself is a valuable asset towards becoming successful.

If you are having no success, and not branding the real you then what are you going to do about it?

I challenge you to brand yourself and if you need a beginning point I recommend you contact us and we will see what we can do to help you reach your goals.


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Dave and Darlene Mills
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I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

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