Frustrated Network Marketer–What Mushrooms, Manure and a Dark Room Have In Common Part 2

If you are a frustrated marketer or just beginning in the network marketing arena; there are a few important things you should know to help you make an informed decision, regarding your network marketing business or the choice of which company to join.  Frustrated Network Marketer–What Mushrooms, Manure and a Dark Room Have In Common.  Part 2 will give you some insight as to what you should be looking for in a reputable work from home business opportunity.

One of the first orders of business is to check out the company you are looking at or may already be involved in and determine if there is integrity. Most times the Policies and Procedures, make sure to read them before committing, will indicate how reputable the company owners are; which in turn will indicate sustainability. Be sure that you are in a business with a product or service the masses want. And for certain check the compensation plan to be certain that it will pay you fairly on all the work you do.  And of course having a system/skills in place that anyone can duplicate by using methods the uplines use to build their business .  If you are like that mushroom being fed manure and kept in the dark you may be headed for a world of disappointment.  It is in your best interest to do your due diligence and learn the truth up front so you can make a decision from the knowledge you gained during your investigation.

If you are in the dark about compensation plans you will need to get into the light because not all compensation plans are equal or even fair.  When looking at compensation plans ask yourself whether you can meet the qualifications to get your check.  Also ask yourself, if you are comparing  compensation plans, whether making 5% commissions is better than 30% commissions. I know which one I would choose.  Remember you are getting into or have gotten into network marketing to reach your goals and financial dreams so make sure you have a fair chance to achieve them.

In any business team work is an imperative quality to have if you want to have success.  Having a like minded team also gives you a mastermind group where you can brainstorm new ideas and share those activities that lead to success.  Working together insures those in the group will be successful as long as they put work into their business and can keep themselves motivated with their eyes on the target of success.  If you do not feel a team spirit I would question whether your sponsor is a leader or just wanted to get you into the deal and then leave you to be on your own.  I know it seems like a harsh reality but we have seen many fail because they have been left on their own to figure it out.

There is a reality that many forget about and that is there is more to the industry than systems for duplication.  Some state they will do it all for you and bring people into your business for you and take care of everything.  I hate to burst your bubble but you are going to have to talk to people in order to build your business.  You need to create a know, like and trust relationship so you will develop a loyal team, otherwise they will flee away to another opportunity where a sponsor develops a lasting relationship.  You will need to begin by learning the skills for talking to people and there is none better than learning the skills Tom “Big Al” Schreitertomlyd teaches.  They are the ones he used to build his business so we know they work,  after all he is a legend in the industry and we have seen the skills work first hand.

Another misleading fact is that a business will build itself if you join the right system.  The fact is if you rely upon a system you are sure to fail. It is YOU that needs to take action when it comes to building your business.  A business is like an infant, you need to nourish an infant for them to grow and so it is with your business.

If you are looking to learn the skills to build your current business or even looking for an opportunity that offers team spirit and a lasting relationship with those who truly care about you and your success; then contact us and we would be honoured to share these skills with you. Or share information with you about our opportunity so you can make an informed decision and see if the opportunity is a perfect fit for you.

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