Frustrated Network Marketer–What Mushrooms, Manure and a Dark Room Have In Common Part 1

Mushrooms are great in salads, on pizza and many other dishes but their beginnings are humble and they like it that way.  They like to be in the dark damp places and especially enjoy being surrounded with manure.  They never really see the world around them and are just content to live that way.  They grow to a point where they reach the proper size and all of a sudden, chopped up and put on a dish.  Their life comes to an abrupt end and is soon forgotten after they are consumed.  They are appreciated during consumption but their memory does not last. If you are a frustrated network marketer – what mushrooms, manure and a dark room have in common may be of interest to you.

Many network marketers begin their network marketing career with a humble beginning but are soon targeted by Gurus, hype and an upline who just wanted to get them in the deal.  Early in your marketing career, unless you have educated yourself about the industry (most have not) and admit it, you are like the mushroom in the dark.  You never really see what is going on around you other than what you are told so you follow your upline or attach yourself to a Guru with the hopes of reaching your goals.

If you never get out of the dark you may find yourself frustrated with the lack of success.  Hype cannot build your business and in fact some people will join you but as soon as the hype and excitement wears off they are gone and onto the next hype filled opportunity.

Gurus make many promises but they are not going to build your business either.  Many of the Gurus have systems to sell to you which promises all the success you will ever need.  Many of these so called Gurus make their money from selling you the system and some have admitted that they cannot pick up the phone and talk to people.  The fact is many of the Gurus have failed at network marketing so they invent systems to sell and that is how they make their money.  Some systems tout the fact that they will do all the work but the truth is you need to talk to people and put the work in yourself.

Does your upline (sponsor) make themselves available to you?  Can you go to them for help and training?  Have they just disappeared since you joined the business?  This is a very common occurrence and for the newcomers it may seem that they are to figure it out on their own.  That will lead to frustration as they are just like a mushroom who is in the dark and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will end up spending money to figure it out and in the ultimate end max out credit cards or use up your savings.

Mushrooms like manure but don’t let yourself be fed the  manure or you will be frustrated, unsuccessful and then quit.  It is sad, but like the mushroom don’t let yourself get chopped up and forgotten after you join a business. After all your sponsor or a Guru got what they wanted and you are still in the dark and you don’t have to be as long as you do your research and find the right company and team that is a fit for you.  Look at a business opportunity with both eyes opened and the education to know if it is a fit for you and whether you can make an income to support your dreams.  Also make sure you will get the support you need to be successful and that comes as part of team work.

In Frustrated Marketer–What Mushrooms, Manure and a Dark Room Have In Common  Part 2 we will discuss some of the things you need to know to dispel the darkness and manure.  The darkness and manure may be great for mushrooms but not so good for network marketers who have been in the industry for a while or the marketer who is new to the industry.

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