Frustrated Network Marketer–What Do Comparisons Really Mean?

Remembering back on our childhood it always seemed that we made comparisons just about anything and everything.  Who was the best baseball player in the neighbourhood?  In our minds we were making the comparison with everyone we knew and hoped we would be the one on top.  If we were not the one on top it was a small dent in our pride and self esteem but as kids you get over it quick and move on.  As an adult Frustrated Network Marketer–What Do Comparisons Really Mean?.

On a recent team call one of the participants mentioned that they were going to a meeting where the distributors are all from the same company.  Meetings of this type can be really beneficial if information is exchanged that helps build your business.  That is the general idea of these meeting is to help each other build their business and realize their dreams.  When the companies philosophy is based on teamwork it only makes sense to work as a team helping each other.  When all work together the company grows faster and has more revenue to share with the distributors.  The company can also develop better advertising and systems to help the distributors build their business bigger and faster.

One of the questions posed at the meeting from one distributor to another quite often is “What rank are you?”  To some the question may seem ok to ask but what is the real reason they ask it?  It is a comparison that for many who are of a higher rank strokes their ego.  For those of lesser rank it may be a kick to their self esteem and in the long run is very discouraging and may even go as far as them questioning their chances of success as an independent distributor.

Everyone is unique and progresses at different rates when it comes to building their business.  We should never compare our rate to another because there are too many variables to consider.  Some may not have the same amount of time to put into their business or may even live in rural areas where there is less contact with people.  The personality of the distributor may also be a factor, some are pushy while others use a soft approach.  Can the business be built?  YES but at a different rate and time period.  Comparisons can be misleading and unfair and should only be made with products because people are unique, each has something to offer, and it would be like comparing an apple to an orange and expecting them to be the same when they clearly are not.

If going to a team meeting or any meeting that leaves a negative impression upon you then don’t go to that meeting.  There is nothing more damaging to you or your business than negativity.  Your self esteem is worth far more than the stroked egos of others.

If there is a question to be asked at the meeting it should be “Is there anything I can share with you, that helps me build my business, that would help you build your business?  Is there anything I can help you with?  These sort of questions show the genuine interest one distributor takes toward the success of another.  If the company promotes teamwork then meetings and individual conversations should promote teamwork as well as each others success and well being.

Each and every person is unique and we need to respect as well as realize that we all go through life and business at our own pace.  We need work together to the advancement of each others success and general wellbeing.  Promoting your own self to stroke your ego is counter productive to teamwork and the universe takes notice and responds accordingly.  So Frustrated Network Marketer–What Do Comparisons Really Mean? Nothing unless used constructively.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.  The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.  ~Andrew Carnegie

PS:  If you are asked what rank you are then you can answer “Well I’m not sure, I’m not done achieving yet.”

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