Frustrated Network Marketer–What Are You Leading Your Presentation With…?

You have the meeting room booked, the time set, the invitations sent and your working on the presentation for your network marketing business.  That’s the hard part…Frustrated Network Marketer–What Are You Leading Your Presentation With…?

If you lead your presentation with the business opportunity your prospects will begin to wonder what the product or service is.  What is behind the opportunity?  Is there a real product or service?  There has been no mention of a product or service so is this legal?  If there is a product or service I want to know what it is and if I can make money selling them.  Is it a good product or service the public will want to buy?  Leading with the business opportunity will lead your prospect down the path of wondering what they are getting involved with.

You need to remember that all the people you have invited may not be interested in doing the business but they may be interested in buying your product or service.  If you bombard them with the business opportunity and that is of no interest to them at this point you will fall out of rapport with them and they will shut down.  As Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says “they will lean back, cross their arms, pet the dog or call their lawyer.”  Tom may make a joke of this but he knows that is exactly what happens in real life.  Beginning your opportunity meeting with recruiting in mind will often lead to disaster and disappointment.

Leading your opportunity meeting with the product or service shows the prospects up front what you and the opportunity are about.  At this point particulars of the compensation plan, company corporate team and the terms or conditions of a distributor are of no interest to the prospects.  Learning a little of the products and services and hearing a few testimonials about the product or services is all that is needed to get them interested to learn more.  At this point you may want to mention there is a business opportunity available and those interested can remain after the meeting to learn more.  Those at the meeting will not feel obligated to remain if all they are interested in is the products or services.  Having a meeting where there is no pressure on the prospects will bring more success and no one feels pressured into anything they are not really interested in.

tomlydTom “Big Al” Schreiter will tell you that as a prospect feels pressure their salesman alarm activates and they will look for every reason not to buy your products or services or even join the business opportunity.  You have stepped over the line and no matter what you say they will not buy or join.

Keeping your presentation simple, pressure free, short and to the point shows you have respect for the prospect and the time they have invested in coming to your business presentation.  How would you feel going to a business presentation that was a couple of hours long?  Does boring come to mind? And would you have the time to do so with your busy schedule.

Frustrated Network Marketer–What Are You Leading Your Presentation With…?  Remember to lead with the products or service, keep it short, have testimonials, mention there is a business opportunity and to remain after to learn more, no pressure on the prospects (also means less pressure on you) and after the presentation sit back and take the volunteers.

P.S  Make sure you make it fun for the prospects and yourself.

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