Frustrated Network Marketer–Wasted Words And The Salesman Firewall

How many times have you been approached to purchase products or join a business opportunity?  How many times have you made up your mind very quickly not to buy the products or join the business?  Was it based on what was said and how it was presented?  Frustrated Network Marketer–Wasted Words And The Salesman Firewall will address the common mistakes that many network marketers make.

When you were approached to buy products or join the business opportunity what turned you off?  Did the presentation seem like the presenter puked the information all over you?  Was most of the information not what you wanted to hear?  Were you not given the opportunity to say you were not interested?  Did you not have the time for the presentation but pressed to listen anyways?  This seems to be the norm for telemarketers and the inappropriate times they call.  Would it not have been more courteous if you were asked if you had the time or even wanted to hear the presentation?

For many marketers this is what they have been taught to do.  The unfortunate problem is THIS DOES NOT WORK.  One of the reasons for this is your prospects have very limited time and at a premium.  Some work more than one job to make ends meet, have to drive the kids to various events and just do not have the time to listen to a long presentation.  For some of your prospect the time is not right for them YET and that is okay.  As a marketer you need to respect this and ask for their permission to give your presentation.  If not they just may shut you out along with any chance of getting their business or even having them join your business opportunity.

Most prospects are not interested in who owns the company, the formulation of the products or even how big the office complex is.  What will interest them is if they can do the business with the help of their sponsor and can they make money.  When you assume prospects are interested in every facet of the business you tend to overwhelm then and puke the information all over them.  What you have done is wasted your words and built a wall between you and your prospect.

When network marketers  go to their company convention they get excited because they get to see firsthand some of the success stories.  Then when they arrive home and return to their business the excitement gets translated into insulting their prospects.  How does this happen?  For example they may tell a prospective business partner, who is used to the 9 to 5 job and pay check,  that they can make $100,000 dollars a month.  To that prospect this is not possible because all they have experienced is the $2,000 per month pay with their 9 to 5 job.  What you have done is insulted their belief based upon what they have experienced.  It would have been much better if you did not stretch it that far and suggested they could achieve $3,000 per month which would be more inline with their belief.  This is not intentional but it is what happens in real life because of the lack of skill when it comes to talking to people and staying in rapport with them.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who is a very successful network marketer and generic trainer teaches the skills that build rapport with prospects in 30 seconds or less.  When these type of skills are learned and used you find your words are not wasted and a salesman firewall is not built.  Just asking perspective customers and business partners for their permission to give your presentation goes a long way to staying in rapport.  Tom also suggests short business presentations and stories are key to building your tomlydbusiness.  In fact Tom teaches a two minute story and a one minute business presentation which fits into the prospects busy schedule as well as your own.

Knowing what to say and do can build your business but lacking the proper skills can create a Frustrated Network Marketer–Wasted Words And The Salesman Firewall.  Having the right company with the right product(s) with the skills to talk to prospects will be the formula to success.  If there is anything we can do to help you be sure to contact us.  It’s your future so treat it right and it will take care of you.

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