Frustrated Network Marketer–Viewing Yourself From A Distance

How do you view your attitude towards your job or Network Marketing Company? Has your desire to earn big dollars overshadowed your purpose?  Should you have a purpose?  What kind of purpose should you have?  Sometimes not having the proper purpose leads to a Frustrated Network Marketer–Viewing Yourself From A Distance can make all the difference to your business.

Having worked in the auto servicing industry for many years having a purpose is key to success and keeping your enthusiasm.  There are days when things go wrong and nothing seems to be going the way it should.  Customers complain because you have not met their expectations and some cannot be pleased no matter what you do.  Having the right attitude and purpose will carry you through the tough times.  If your purpose and attitude reflect your desire you can draw upon the power generated from this and move forward towards the success you deserve.

A couple of days ago I heard the guy running the front desk of the Auto Service Department make a comment that reflected his desire and attitude towards his job.  “We don’t just fix a car, we solve problems for the customers, we are problem solvers.  WOW what an attitude!

When we view our job in the light of how we can make a profit for the business we are involved in, that attitude is felt by the customer.  The customer feels they are just dollars and cents to you.  Better not make any mistakes and the job had better go along without any snags, or else!

If you truly desire to be a problem solver for the customer they will feel that attitude and are far more likely to work with you and when things go wrong they are much more forgiving.

Yes, you are in business to make a profit so you can reach your goals.  But when you let the money making attitude shine through the customer feel like they are just another pay check for you.  It is just the same with a network marketing business also.  Viewing your business on how much money you can make shows the customer or perspective business partner the value you have placed upon them.  Show them that you really care and you are there as a problem solver.  Your product has benefits so sell in the light of how they could help solve problems for the customer.  Present your business opportunity as a way to help them become debt free and have that financial freedom we all desire with the added bonus of time freedom.

Having the attitude of a problem solver will also allow you to build really great relationships with people who in turn will like, trust and get to know you. This can lead to customer and business partners who are loyal and they in turn will follow your lead by becoming problem solvers to others.

People just want to be treated with respect and know they have value to you so develop that problem solver attitude and be sincere about it and always remember Frustrated Network Marketer–Viewing Yourself From A Distance will keep you moving to being that problem solver people need and follow.  Oh! teach them to pass it on, it will make the world a better place.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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