Frustrated Network Marketer–Twist The Arm And Hammer It Home

Ever wonder why you keep losing customers and business partners?  Have you ever looked into the cause?  Well “Frustrated Network Marketer” if you are using the “Twist The Arm And Hammer It Home” method to do business you need to rethink your approach.  You see there is a variable in the equation that you may have overlooked using this method, it’s called “Buyers Remorse” and it’s an important one.

Have you ever worked in the retail industry?  I have for a number of years and see buyers remorse often if the wrong approach is used to gain the sale.  I have seen sales people  twist the customers arm and then hammer the deal home only to have the product returned a short time later.  Why does this happen?

When this type of method is used the reasoning faculty of the brain is what the sales person has played upon.  It will even go so far that the customer is made to feel guilty, feel stupid, or lose out if they do not buy the product, now.  Once the customer has bought the product the reasoning mind will generally find a reason that the product was not really needed or desired so it gets returned.  It happens because of what the salesman did and said.   Do you like to be sold?  Most people will say no and it is the trend.

So what is the right method to bring about sales and even bringing prospects into your business?  Think of it this way, if you hammer or twist the prospect’s or customer’s arm to get the sale it becomes what you want and not them.  The reasoning mind will reassess and if the reason is not good enough to keep the product then it will be returned.  In the case of a prospect they will generally join you but leave as fast as they joined your business opportunity.  You can prevent this from happening by reaching the customer or prospect through their subconscious mind by what you do and say.  It begins by using proper sequences of words and actions that appeal to the subconscious mind.

People who are spending money on products or a business opportunity like to make their own decisions based on their own needs and desires.  You will need to build a relationship with them and discover their needs and desires and appeal to them on that level.  Helping them get what they want ensures they are making the decision in the ultimate end.  If you are appealing to a prospective business partner you need to spell out the benefits of the opportunity, how it can help them achieve their goals.  Give a very brief business presentation, 60 seconds, and ask them what they would like to know next.  They will tell you if they want more information or not.  Either way they answer is ok.

In the case of a customer the same idea of giving them the benefits by the product.  If it fits into what your prospective customer needs and wants proceed to ask what they would like to do next and again if they want to buy your product or decide not to, it is ok.  Leave it at that.

The key is to let the customer or prospect sell themselves.  It will give them the feeling that they are making the ultimate decision based on their wants and needs.  All you are doing is providing the information and benefits so they can make informed decisions.  Presenting the information and benefits in a way that appeals to the subconscious mind where it will make the most impact on their decision.  Let the prospective customer or prospect make their own decision and when the time is ready for them.  Do not tie yourself to the decision that way whatever they decide will still be ok, maintain the relationship because you will never know what the future holds.


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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer–Twist The Arm And Hammer It Home

  1. It is indeed amazing to know that people want to buy rather than being sold – but I guess we all fall into this pattern so we should understand naturally.

    Frieke Karlovits

  2. Agree Frieke

    No one likes to be sold on something. We like to convince ourselves on the deal. When networkers figure this out and learn the skill to work rejection free in this industry, then there will be lots more sales going on. Just give your prospects the information they need to know…and allow them to make up their own minds to join or not to join. The volunteers for YOUR business are out there.

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