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On the eastern seaboard of Canada is the Province of Nova Scotia (New Scotland).  This small province has so much to offer and see and has been the birthplace and is the residence for my wife and I.  Nova Scotia is one of three maritime Provinces and is located almost exactly between the North Pole and the Equator.  Nova Scotia is the second smallest Province in Canada and the second most densely populated.  Frustrated Network Marketer–This Is Our Nova Scotia and we are proud to be apart of it.

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Being a coastal Province one of the major industries is the fisheries and our two favourites are lobster and scallop.  We live near the small town od Digby which is known world wide for it’s Scallops.  Nova Scotia has various seasons for Lobster fishing depending where you are located.  There is nothing better than having lobster and scallops cooked to perfection.






While you visit make sure to  take in a Whale Watching Tour and see them up close.



Drive the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and take in the spectacular views and visit the many small towns and villages.  Learn about the culture of those who live there and get a taste of history.  If you time it right you can take in the Highland games and enjoy our Scottish heritage.

Over the years while in Network Marketing we had and have been contacted by many people who either have not heard or new very little about Nova Scotia or even where it was.  We wrote this blog article just to give a little taste of the Province we live in and just show where it is in relation to the rest of Canada.  Frustrated Network Marketer–This Is Our Nova Scotia and sometimes we need to look at where we are and be thankful for what we have, what we have accomplished and what we have yet to accomplish.  We can begin by letting others know a little about ourselves and where we are from.  People need to know that you are a real person in the real world.

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