Frustrated Network Marketer–This House Will Build Itself!

The trucks have arrived with all the building materials required so this house can build itself.  This is the day it will all get started and in four weeks you will have your new house to move into.  You go to the site to watch this wonder you were told would happen if you bought company x’s building materials.  This materials would take care of the house construction and make it just what you wanted.  You were told Frustrated Network Marketer–This House Will Build Itself!

Well here it is but I wonder when it will get started?  You waited all day but nothing happened so you tell yourself maybe tomorrow will be better.  You wait every day but nothing happens.  What’s wrong with the building materials?  They just don’t seem to be doing what I was I was promised, and that was, build my house for me.

I know the above example is far fetched but you know it is Image result for hard worksometimes like this in business.  I still receive emails from people who offer an opportunity that will build itself.  How many businesses just build themselves without hard work?  I don’t know of any but I have seen just the opposite happen.  The owner just spends time vacationing but no thought to the business and then complains that his business is not growing.  How can it without effort and hard work?

Owning a business will require effort, hard work and persistence if you want it to grow and prosper.  Taking shortcuts just doesn’t work and in fact the opposite will happen and ultimately failure will occur.  There is still a culture in the network marketing arena that pushes opportunities that are supposed to build themselves.  A few unsuspecting non experienced network marketers get caught up in the hype and then find themselves frustrated because the business is not growing and has become stagnant.  The only money makers are the ones who created the system and convinced others that it would work.

You want to be in business for yourself then be prepared to work hard and be persistent.  Not every business plan you devise will be successful so prepare yourself for adjustment and possible changing your whole approach.  You may need to start over several times before you hit the right combination to become successful.  Businesses don’t build themselves, entrepreneurs do.   Frustrated Network Marketer–This House Will Build Itself is just a dream that will never happen nor make you successful.

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Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That’s living your dream.

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