Frustrated Network Marketer–They Posted To Death, Oh Wait It`s Spam

How many people can honestly say they enjoy getting tons of spam emails?  I bet you just love opening each and every one and reading the useless content that just repeats itself in every email.  Each and every one states they have the best products, business opportunity and compensation plan, that is patented, of the century.  It just amazes me that they all are the opportunity of the century even though they are all different opportunities.  How can they all claim this?  I just get frustrated that these people fill up my inbox with junk that I would never join and upon a little research find many are illegal opportunities or just last a very short period and then disappear.  Those promoting this way, think it will work and now it is more prevalent in the social networks.   Frustrated Network Marketer–They Posted To Death, Oh Wait It`s Spam

I seems that some of the people on the social networks request to become friends only to use this new friendship the wrong way.  If you have chosen to receive notifications from your new found friend you may find they post very often with the same post.  Some will post every few minutes and have seen them post the same post over and over again.  This is how they were taught to do business and they have not realized this does not work and in fact will damage their reputation.  After a while you end up turning off notifications and even unfriending them and now they have lost you as a friend and the ability to have you view their material.

Posting on the social networks can be done in a professional andtomlyd timely manner.  People are more susceptible to your material if you post the proper way and if you want to use the social networks this is the only way you will get the word out.  I have been taught by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter to present my material in a condensed easy to understand way without being intrusive by over posting.  I have come to realize by listening to Tom that all we need to do is present material to others and then leave them alone to decide if they want the product or service I am offering.  If they decide they want what I am offering then I will help them to get it but if they decide they don’t want what I am offering that is ok.   It is suffice that I have planted a seed which may grow and when the time is right they will come back to me.

To keep hammering out your post at people, trying to push your product or service, will tend to annoy them because it appears you are pushing and most people do not like being pushed they just want to decide on their own.  The only thing you need to do is to get a decision from them and that does not come from posting,  posting and posting every couple of minutes.  Doing any more than this will push people away and appear you are spamming them with your post and all you will accomplish is a ruined reputation and rejection. 

There is room on the social networks to advertise through posts but remember to be respectful to the friends you have made there and be professional.  There is never a need to spam.  Frustrated Network Marketer–They Posted To Death, Oh Wait It`s Spam.

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