Frustrated Network Marketer–There is Brilliance Shared On Team Calls

If you are in Network Marketing then you would be on a team comprised of members sponsored by your sponsor as well as those you have sponsored into your business.  One important aspect of being on a team also involves being on the team calls.  Wait!  You don’t think those calls are important and just think they are a waste of your time so you don’t attend. That is too bad Frustrated Network Marketer–There is Brilliance Shared On Team Calls and so much more.

The team my wife and I are on meet every Tuesday in the afternoon.  If I am not working I make it a point to be on that call.  On the call it gives everyone the chance to build upon the relationship we have developed being on the team.  You get to learn a little about each other as well as encourage, listen and offer advice if you have had experience in the particular subject being discussed.  As a team you share in the successes and the not so successful times of each other.  You sometimes laugh and even cry when others share what has happened to them during the previous week.  As the team meets the members will grow closer together and share a love unique to the team.

During one segment of the call we discuss what is working to grow our business and what we are working on.  In the team atmosphere it is everyone’s desire to help each other build their business so we can all arrive at the success we desire.  Everyone has their own plan and there will be times you will be able to combine plans to the benefit of the whole team.  As ideas are put for by members of the team, other team members will discuss the merit of the idea and even add to it to make it even better.  The minds of the team members will combine and create an independent mind which is more brilliant than any individual mind.

On our team we have an individual who is older and in her age group most will never achieve some things this dear lady has.  She is respected and looked upon as an inspiration to us all.  She has a brilliant mind and shares brilliant ideas as she strives to build her business.  If you have members on your team who are older you may find them as a wealth of information which they have gathered from life experiences.  Never discount the brilliance of any team member no matter what the age group is.  Each member of the team will have something to offer and combined together great thing can be achieved.

If you purposely avoid team calls you may want to reconsider.   When each team member share from their heart with the intent to help the other team members grow there can only be one result, “a stronger and better team,” which in turn build stronger and better individual team members.  Remember Frustrated Network Marketer–There is Brilliance Shared On Team Calls so be sure to attend and add your 2 cents because that may be what someone has been looking for.  Never underestimate the value of the team and the importance of the call.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want through their own efforts. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success. ~ Stephen Covey

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