Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn (Part 8)

The season of winter can make an appearance during any other season to remind us of its awesome power.  In the summer months winter can drop in and threaten our crop even though we have tended it with much effort.  During the season of spring which is a time of opportunity the winter can bring about deadly consequences and take this season away from us if we do not act fast enough to minimize winters effects.  We can never anticipate when one of these storms of life may come causing us to have to wait another year for the season of opportunity to reappear.  Winter may even rear its ugly head just as we are about to harvest in the fall season and ruin the crop of our effort and leave us with very little to harvest.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn tells us that winter is a fact of life that we need to live with.

In life we need to understand that winter will come and not only in cold blowing winds and snow.  There will also be the human winters of loneliness, tragedy, despair and varieties of disappointments.  When bill collectors come calling, when business competition begins to push us and family stuns us with their actions, we will know it is winter.

When winter arrives we will be prepared or we will find ourselves unprepared to battle what winter throws at us.

Those that have prepared and have done their due diligence in the preceding seasons winter can also be a season of opportunity.  A time to read and improve ourselves, gathering strength for the following seasons and planning for the upcoming planting season. For the prepared winter can be the time to have comfort, to share the bounty with friends, family and those we work with.  Winter is a time to be grateful for what we have as well as for what we can yet achieve.

During the winter season what we do to improve ourselves, how we attend to our attitudes, time and our friends will determine what we will do in the season spring,  If we do not use the season to move forward then the reality is we will fall behind.

For those that are prepared for winter, winter is also a season of opportunity.

When winter arrives for those that are unprepared, it will be a time of horror, regret and sorrow.

The burdens and chains of discipline would seem insignificant when compared to the massive weights and cumbersome restraints of regret.

In our mind and the upcoming spring will be the time we will experience the horror of being unprepared for winter.  We can imagine the cold temperatures, blowing snow and ice covered forests.  We can see in our mind a hungry child, disappointment in the eyes of those we love and deep within we will feel ourselves making excuses and apologies for errors in the past and when the mail arrives and the fear of bill collectors knocking on the door.  If we can imagine these events in our mind it may just be enough to push us to massive effort in the spring.

Winter can become evident in any of the seasons, testing us and reminding us of those who are surrounded by winter.  Winter can be a friend who gives cause for disappointment, losing business to another, loss of love and the harsh word from a loved one.

We are reminded not to let the winter interfere with the upcoming spring and it’s arrival.  Not being part of the problem but a solution is a lifelong lesson we must heed.

If you are without love,money, or employment, it is a winter and its very appearance is because you’ve missed a springtime somewhere.

Human attitudes, habits and opinions must change for the circumstances to change.  Just talking about the situation is just talk and no more.  There must be action if anything is going to change.  Talk sometimes digresses to attacking weaknesses of other in order to cover up the weaknesses of the talker.  Conversations need to be productive and backed with action.

Winter is a time for planning and looking at past methods and changing those that are not effective.  A time to work on our skills and learn new ones, time for encouragement and passing on thankfulness to others for their hard work.  A time to learn how to get along with others and improve working relationships.  Winter is the time to be grateful for both adversity and achievements.  Winter should find you thinking of others first, being kind and considerate to them.

Many times we fall into the traps of unproductivity, bad attitudes and placing blame elsewhere when we should be examining ourselves. Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn can steer us in the right direction for improvement and using the seasons of life to better our circumstances and all we need to do is listen and apply the wisdom to our lives.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.” ~ Jim Rohn

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