Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn (Part 7)

Fall is the season where the truth will be known, whether you put the effort needed in the spring or just relaxed and let it slip by.  Fall will be a season of great joy when you finally harvest your crop as a result of the effort you made in an earlier season.  If you spent your time relaxing and put no effort into the season of spring then your fall will be a season of great regret.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn shows that each season has an important part to play in “The Seasons of life.” for each and everyone of us.

We will know if our winter is going to be short or long in the season of fall.  Did we put the required effort into our season of spring or have we told ourselves we have, but really didn’t?  Don’t fool yourself into believing because your fall season will reveal what you have truly done whether you put your effort where it was required or if you put your effort into relaxing.

Fall is the season that will judge our effort and it will be relentless when it does.  The verdict it gives will be a fact that cannot be argued.  Your crop will be large or small to none depending on the effort you put into it.  You could try and make excuses but they will be to no avail after all it was you the planter that picked the seed to plant and the soil to put it in so the planter must bare the full responsibility of the outcome.  So it is for the planter, business person and just generally in life.

When the cupboard is empty that is a sign of a missed opportunity, a sign of laziness or procrastination or a past effort that failed.  The law of the universe is perfect and it applies to all people whether they are a business person or a farmer and it applies equally to all.  The law has been in existent since the earth has been created but many have tried to bypass it, rationalize with it and even try to ignore it.  In the end, our results will demonstrate if we have abided by the law or if we have not.

Nature has a law that states what you put into the world, you receive back.  That is how nature keeps things in balance.  Thoughts and actions will determine the end results.  If lies are something you put forth then you will receive lies in return.  To use cheaper methods which result in a diminished quality will pay its toll in diminishing profits and night with very little rest.  Whatever you do it must bring benefit to all those who take part or your effort will not survive the test of time.

Those who are successful are often looked at by others as dishonest or just very lucky.  Those that put the successful down through word of mouth do not know the price that the successful have paid to reach their present circumstances.  In the successful persons past there may have been great disappointments, dreams gone and diminished hope.  They do not see all the preparation the successful person had to put forth in order to arrive at their success.

The fall will be a time of great joy or a time of excuses.  For those who didn’t put their full effort into the spring and did not protect the crop in the season of summer this will be a time of excuses without a real reason.  A time to place the blame on circumstances or someone else.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn tells us like it is and states that the responsibility is ours to bare.  But he also says that each new day is the beginning of the season of spring.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“The difference between an inadequate apartment and a mansion on the hill is the same as the difference average effort in the spring, and massive  effort in the spring.” ~ Jim Rohn

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