Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn (Part 5)

Spring is the season of hope where there is a renewal of those things of nature to begin bringing forth new life.  So it can be for us too if we take advantage of this season.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn  move in the direction of explaining the spring season and what it can do to renew us if we choose.  He also explains what will happen if we choose to ignore the opportunity of the season and the regret that will follow.

Spring is the season for  action and taking advantage of opportunities.  Even as the farmer enters the fields with seed to plant we too must enter our field of life with seed to plant in anticipation of the upcoming harvest in the fall.  Spring is not the time to think about the possibilities of failure or the time to sit back and let the season slip by without making any effort to plant.

Spring is a season that is brief and will pass quickly so we must be vigilant not to be captivated by it beauty or the scent of the new flowers otherwise it will pass by without notice.  Spring will not tell you to plant or not to plant and it will not make you get up to take action.  Spring will continue along and as time does it will be gone and replace by the season of summer.

Spring is the season of opportunity, to make changes to move elsewhere, change jobs, to change your mind about relationships or something that has been on your mind.  It may be the time to take a course for improvement but don’t let it pass by while being idle or spending too much time remembering the past harsh season.  Spring will just continue to march on.

Spring is the time to enter the field and clear it of the rocks and weeds before you plant your seeds.  Clear the obstacles of discouraging words, worry, procrastination and doubt usually brought on by some of those around you and even from within.  Do not let others convince you to rest in the spring because it will be them who will ride the winter season in hunger and regret.

It is up to us to choose action in the spring as well the good in life and not the bad to us as an excuse for our inaction.  The work and effort that the spring provides will depend upon how much faith we put into the results we desire.  We need to remember that there are no guarantees for our success, but we will have a far better chance than those who spend no effort when the opportunity arises.

Spring promises that if we plant we will also harvest.  We must always be mindful of what we sow for if we sow lies we will receive lies and if we sow laziness the field will yield nothing of value.  Discipline will be a key ingredient for a successful harvest.  The difference between having the discipline and not having it is, “The pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.”

Each day we are given is like having a new season of spring.  Our dreams and the effort we put into the spring will provide the harvest of tomorrow.  If we neglect to take advantage of the spring our better life we are striving to achieve will be delayed.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn says that there is no better time to take advantage of the season of spring than “NOW.”

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. – Jim Rohn

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