Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn (Part 1)

In this day and age we never have the time to do a really important task for ourselves.  We have to cut the grass, go to work, run the kids here, there and everywhere and take care of all the chores to keep the household functioning as it should.  In most cases we just don’t have the time for ourselves.  Having time for yourself is very important and then using this time for the right kind of activity is equally as important.  Time to relax, time to review present plans and dreams we may have and time to spend on self development.  It is often said to be more we have to become more and that avenue is through self development and as a Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn will put you on the right track.

In the book “The Seasons Of Life” – Jim Rohn shares his wisdom gained during his life by observing the world around him and had taken lessons from nature itself.  In his book Jim compares the phases of life to the seasons of the year and the great joys and successes or the sorrows and lack depending what we had done during each of the seasons of our life.  It is interesting to not that the seasons refer to what we do during the four seasons of the year as well as viewing our lifetime to the seasons.  Spring refers to our younger years and moves on through to winter which would be our golden years.  Regardless of where you are or what season you are in there is always time to make the necessary changes to alter your circumstances.

Regardless of your circumstances in life you are a sum total of all the people and events that have touched you since the day you were born.  All the little events in our life such as watching a movie, TV show, books we have read, teacher, parent, tragedies, accomplishments and various other events in our life has had an effect on us.  Whatever our present circumstances are we have brought upon ourselves over a period of time in our life.  Unfortunately we tend to take the easy way out and blame our circumstances on people around us, environment and even our past.

Those things described above have left their mark on us but are now behind us and even those things that happened yesterday are behind and cannot influence us unless we allow them to.  What is important is what leaves it’s impression upon us today and in our future.  Our circumstances and who we are is a fact and the important thought is our future has no limit on what we can become.  Remember not to let the past limit our immediate or future outcome.  As network marketers our potential must be allowed to shine through the memories and effects of the past and Frustrated Network Marketer–The Wisdom Of Jim Rohn is a good place to begin.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.” –Jim Rohn

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