Frustrated Network Marketer–The Trade-off May Be Costly

A new way of trying to attract prospects and customers seems to have surfaced.  This recent method is in the form of email notifications offering you the opportunity to post anything you like. on their site, but read my stuff too.  If you are like many of the network marketers out there you will take the opportunity to post on the site but whether you read any other material on the site is very unlikely especially if all your interested in is to get you own information out there.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Trade-off May Be Costly especially those running the site.

How can it be costly?  If you allow everybody to post and if they are network marketers they will post their business opportunity or the products they are promoting.  In a very short time you may have a large number of people promoting their products and business opportunity.  Lets do a little math and say if 99 other people are posting along with yourself then you are 1% of those posting.  You now have a 1% chance of having your information read or having your link clicked.  The more people that post the chances become even smaller for success.  The trade-off is beginning not to favor the site owner.

The chances of the above scenario happening happening is very very high.  Many network marketers will advertise on a site to excess.  My wife and I have a site where we had set rule on posting and found very few had respect for the rules.  It was not long before the site became burdened down with everyone posting their business opportunity and products even though the site was not intended to be used as such.  If you are allowing people to post at will, as long as they read your stuff, the site will get burdened down and the competition will be very strong.

Having your own site and keeping it clear of anyone else advertising on it will ensure that you are the only choice.  We have been running our own site and have found that attracting business is so much easier and getting the exposure has people chasing us instead of the other way around, which most marketers do.  I have also found that some of these offering you to post to their site will send many invites which tend to get annoying especially when you receive many of these invitations in a very short time.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Trade-off May Be Costly so cut down on the cost and promote your own products and business opportunity on your own site and keep it for yourself only.

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