Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Two

Ever wonder why it take some mechanics far longer to repair a vehicle than others?  How do some mechanics get that vary same job done faster with the same quality as the one that took far longer?  Well one of the mechanics has learned some tricks of the trade while the other has not.  Why is that?  One mechanics is willing to take the time to look over the job to see if they can figure a better and faster way to do it while the other is content to plod along taking the long way around to getting the job done.  If as a mechanic you get paid flat rate, you get paid a set rate for the job, it is to your advantage to do a top quality job in a faster time and move onto your next job.  If you are  thinking about becoming a network marketer or already in a company but are unsure what type of a company you have joined then it would be in your best interest to learn a few tricks of the trade when it come to researching the opportunity.   Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Two.

One of the best tricks of the trade when it comes to search an opportunity is to use a search engine like Google.  Put the company and owners names into the search with the word Scam and check out what comes up.  Look for a forum for legitimate complaints but be careful because some complaints are launched by disgruntled networkers who not successful but by no fault of the company.  You will have to look closely at the complaint and decide if there is any truth to it or not.  Substitute the words lawsuit and complaints for the word scam in your search and see what comes up but even good companies may have a lawsuit or two and again you will have to look at what you find and decide what is truth or not.  If a company has many lawsuits or tend to sue their distributors on an ongoing bases you may want to stay away.

One of the best tricks is to check and see who registered the domain of the new company which is claiming some sort of revolutionary product that is secretively made and no one had ever seen before product.  See when it was registered and for how long.  If it has just been registered very recently to the companies launch it may show lack of planning.  Companies who plan carefully will register a domain months in advance and if the domain is registered for a short term it may indicate it does not plan to be around very long.  Some companies are launched for the purpose of building an email list which they intend to sell as leads to other companies, so beware.  You can check up on domain registration at by entering the domain name to get the information you are seeking.

My wife and I have talked to people who had joined an opportunity, and maxed out credit cards and received nothing in return.  We ourselves had joined opportunities, when we had first entered the network marketing arena, that proved not to be on the up and up.  We did not know the tricks of the trade when it came to researching an opportunity.  We were fortunate and did not lose  very much money but we did lose precious time.  It is in your best interest to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to researching so you can avoid losing your hard earned cash and precious time because you want to be on the road to success with a great company working towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Two so learn how to research an opportunity and get on the road to your very best future.

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