Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Four

Being excited about joining an online opportunity and starting your own business is a great ambition.  The part to be concerned about is the excitement.  Don’t let your excitement override the fact, before you sign on the dotted line, you need to investigate the opportunity and research the product and/or service to make sure it is viable in the marketplace.  If you bypass this step you may find in the end you have been scammed or the product and/or service may not be popular among the public making it unmarketable.  If you can’t sell it, you can’t make money which is one of the reason you started your own business.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Four

One of the avenues you can use to do your research on an opportunity is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  First locate where the opportunity originates from and then check the Better Business Bureau in that area for complaints.  Most of these reports are free.  What you are looking for are the number of complaints that are unresolved.  More than a couple of unresolved complaints could be an indication of a problem so hold of joining for awhile to see if the complaints are resolved.  Be cautious with the BBB reports, they are not always trustworthy but they can be an indication of trouble.  If the complaints are numerous then stay away and keep searching for the right opportunity.

Be cautious with emails that tell you that this new opportunity, they are advertising, is the latest and greatest opportunity on the internet and there is nothing like it anywhere else.  This type of spam would not be tolerated by a good opportunity and they generally terminate distributors for spamming.  Look at the emails you receive advertising an opportunity and see if it shows urgency like “you need to join today because there are only so many positions available or this offer ends at midnight tonight.”  Also look for “this is not a pyramid scheme or scam”, good opportunities do not use this type of tactics because they are legitimate nor do they promise fast wealth and in fact they terminate distributors for doing such.

One of the most popular spam emails promises “Fast Wealth” and those should always be avoided.  There are no shortcuts when you own your own business.  It takes work, persistence, patience and time and some people build a business faster then others but that depends on the time spent and other factors.  There will be skills to learn and master but one of the first steps is to do you due diligence on the opportunity you are looking to join.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Search Is On…Part Four

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