Frustrated Network Marketer–The Games are Afoot

Everybody likes a good game, the competition and sometimes the relaxation you get from playing a game.  Sometimes it just keeps your mind occupied enough to help reduce thinking about problems and worries.  Games can be therapeutic if played in moderation.  Like many things in life too much of anything is not good for you or your business.  The games I am referring to are those on the social sites.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The Games are Afoot.

Every day when I sign into the social sites I use for business I get bombarded with requests to try this game or that one.  I have checked out a number of profiles from those who send the requests and have found that many are also running an online business.  With the amount of requests sent out and all the scores that are recorded and sometimes posted I wonder when they get time to work on their business.  It is a fact that many become addicted to the games and the competition of trying to match or beat another score.  How much time do you spend promoting games compared to promoting your business?

If you are running a business but spending most of your time promoting games then the business suffers.  When you are a network marketer with great expectations then you need to concentrate on marketing your products and services as well as the business opportunity to fulfill your expectation and goals.  If you do anything other than that then your business will become a frustration and burden.  If you are under the impression that your business will grow on its own while you promote gaming and playing, IT WON’T!  Your frustration will not be the business but the habit of promoting and playing games.

Make your business the priority because you don’t make money playing games on the social sites.  Why are you in business?  Keep this question in mind when you go through your daily routine.  If you are part of a team then pick a team member and set it up so you report your daily tasks to each other so you can work on getting your daily routine into business building activities and not promoting things that are counter productive.  Being accountable to another team member will help immensely.  I have seen some entrepreneurs jumping from business to business because they are not making any money but when you look at the activities they are doing on the social sites you can see they are counterproductive to building a business.  You cannot promote gaming and expect your business to grow.

There is nothing wrong with playing a game but you cannot let it interfere with your business.  Make sure you schedule a time for your non business activities and stick to the time you have allotted.  Just make sure the time you have allotted is not too excessive otherwise you will find yourself promoting the games and not your business.  If you have found a great opportunity then be professional and build your business and stay away from counterproductive activities because after you examine why your business is not doing well you may find the blame is yours and yours alone.  Remember why you decided to have your own business then set out to reach your goals and dreams.  Remember Frustrated Network Marketer–The Games are Afoot.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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