Frustrated Network Marketer–The Dream Demands Sacrifices

Have you ever wondered why you are frustrated at network marketing?  Your business is just not growing like you thought it would, you have searched everywhere for the answer but you just can’t find it.  The answer may be right in front of you but you just don’t see it.  You see Frustrated Network Marketer–The Dream Demands  Sacrifices and there is no honest way around it.

I have seen many times so called network marketers jumping from one automated profit system to the next big automated profit system.  They just don’t work and they never will because they lack the main ingredient which is “RELATIONSHIPS”.  Relationships take time to build so one of the sacrifices is time, you need to spend time on building your business and there is no way around this fact if you want your business to thrive.

I know you will tell me about this business that requires no time or effort to build and you make lots of money that gets mailed to you with a minimum investment.  Look I don’t have any products  or services to exchange either so how easy it that.  Well I challenge you to talk to your District Attorney, Attorney General, IRS and income tax auditor in your area and ask if this type of practice is permissible.  Just before you slam me and tell me this practice is legal contact those I have suggested, then get back to me. Otherwise keep your unqualified opinion to yourself.

You will also have to make the sacrifice of your comfort zone.  Many people just hate to pick up the phone and call or approach a potential business partner or customer.  I have heard lots of frustrated network marketers say the phone is just too heavy or they are just no good approaching people.  The fear of stepping outside their comfort zone has more to do with not knowing what to say or do.  The remedy for this is learning the skills to talk to people rejection free because the real fear is rejection.  You will have to sacrifice the time to learn these skills also.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is the master trainer for these types of skills.  If you would like to learn more then contact us.

Another of the sacrifices you will have to make will be an investment.  The investment may come in the form of a monthly autoship or a fee to join a legitimate company.  Many marketers join a free opportunity because it is free.  Everyone who joins them do the same so without any revenue generated you have to wonder where the money is going to come from to get a pay check.  You may need to give up some things in order to be able to finance your business.  This can be difficult and cause inconveniences and sometimes hardships but in the end it will be very worthwhile.  Just as an Olympic Athlete makes sacrifices to achieve their goal of going for the gold you will too if you are to reach your goal of time and financial freedom.

Frustrated Network Marketer–The Dream Demands A Sacrifice so be prepared to sacrifice time, money, your comfort zone and possibly other conveniences you enjoy to achieve your dream.  If you are serious about business and are looking for an opportunity then click here to see how you can realize your dreams.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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