Frustrated Network Marketer–The celebrity, The Advertisement And The Effect

When you watch T.V. you get to view many advertisement from various companies.  Not all but many companies hire celebrities to promote their products and services to sway the public to buy.  Not all the celebrity type advertisements work but many do because those that like the celebrity are usually swayed to buy the product they are shown with.  Is it the same in the network marketing industry?  Frustrated Network Marketer–The celebrity, The Advertisement And The Effect may not insure a successful business like you thought it would.  Why?

You have joined a network marketing company because one of your favourite actors was in the opportunity video talking about this great new company.  Well, I have seen this a number of times and to the distributor that has joined all they can see is success because the celebrity said it is a great opportunity.  Not so, and in some cases the celebrity only endorsed the company because they were paid to do so.  They do not know anything about the policies and procedures or even the compensation of the company and have endorsed the company without even knowing the background of the owners.  They endorse because they were paid and to the celebrity they have put their reputation on the line.  Many of the celebrity endorsed companies turned out to be  scams where the distributors never made any bonus checks because there were too many hoops to jump through to qualify or even worse they paid their money to join and the company owner just took the money and ran.

Whether the opportunity you are looking at is celebrity endorsed or not you must do your due diligence and look at the company very closely before signing on the dotted line of the contract.  Look at the owners and their background, policies and procedures, compensation plan and even the product and services you will be selling to make sure everything checks out.  If you do not do this investigation you may find yourself losing your money and becoming involved in a scam which could bring you legal issues in the future.  Google is a great tool to use for your investigation.  Just remember you cannot claim that you did not know what you were involved in, should you end up in court, because the courts do not accept the excuse  and go on to say ignorance is no excuse for the law.

There is a second issue that a distributor in an opportunity must be very cautious about.  Very often a celebrity may endorse a particular natural product as in a fruit that is known to be beneficial to the human body.  So some distributors will advertise their product, that has the fruit in the product, with a picture of the celebrity that endorsed the fruit.  To the prospective customer it appears that the celebrity is endorsing the product when in reality they have not.  Not only is this misleading but it could bring very serious legal issues the distributors way.  We have seen this in the news where Dr. Oz and Oprah have taken companies to court over that very issue.  The individual distributor is not immune to this type of legal issue, some believe they are because no one would sue a lowly distributor for this type of action.  It has happen where companies have had to terminate distributors because it was the only way they could remain in business.  Celebrities usually have the money to go to court, do you?  This caution applies to both product and services of any kind so be aware before you participate in this type of behaviour.

It costs companies to use celebrities and that cost is passed on to the distributors which generally means smaller bonus checks.  Frustrated Network Marketer–The celebrity, The Advertisement And The Effect has its place in advertising but celebrities endorse something’s without realizing the long term issues their endorsement may bring so be aware and don’t take the celebrity opinions as law. Do your due diligence before you make a decision and do the right thing when it comes to advertising your products and services.

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