Frustrated Network Marketer–The Answer is In The Canada Geese V

Recruiting and product sales, to many in network marketing, can be a very frustrating issue.  You may have already guessed that the frustration you are having is because many network marketers are “NOT” sales people. This article, “Frustrated Network Marketer–The Answer is In The Canada Geese V” takes an approach to explain the frustration in a way many network marketers may not have thought about.  Because you are being taught sales and recruiting methods that you perceive you cannot do. Or perhaps your personality type adds to the difficulty and then frustration sets in.

When the season is right for the Canada Geese to migrate the flock takes to the air and flies in a “V” shaped pattern.  They fly in this pattern which becomes a benefit to each member.  The lead bird is the one who is cutting the air and its movement creates lift for the birds following therefore making the flight easier for those following.  Every now and then the lead bird will fall back in line, when it becomes tired, and another takes its place in the lead.  This method of flying increases the range the flock can travel during each leg of their journey.

If you were to analyze the physics involved in the Canada Geese V pattern, it would be very difficult for many to understand.  Taking into consideration wind shear, lift and various other variables involved may not interest you because you don’t plan to migrate in this manner nor would you want to.  The geese even don’t do the analysis, they just do what they do instinctively

So it is in recruiting and sales with some network marketers.  They just do it regardless of the short term or long term success.  It does not seem difficult to them because it is what they do.  The problem is when you join their team they teach their method or you observe with the hope of being able to follow their example without success.  Why?  Because you are not a sales person like them.  You try to analyze why but it becomes too difficult because you do not or cannot figure all the variables involved.

During a training call recently, another question was posed regarding the Canada Geese V by Bob Basset who is one of our advisers and friend, by the way, a high school physics and math teacher.  The question was “why is one side of the “V” longer than the other sometimes?”.  The call went silent and you could feel the people on the call scrambling to come up with a complicated scientific answer.  After a period of silence Bob gave the answer: “because there are more geese on that side.” You see things are not as complicated as it appears or you may perceive.  That is the way it is for recruiting and product sales also.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who is a legend in Network Marketing and the best generic Network Marketing trainer in the world has proven that sales and recruiting does not have to be nor is it complicated to sell products or recruit into your business.  The problem has been that we make it difficult by coming up with elaborate and sophisticated systems and then expect our downlines to follow.  If they can’t or the system has not been properly tested then the result is frustration and an attrition rate.

Tom has stated that we spend too much time socializing and then we fire hose the prospect with tomlydour products and business opportunity.  Tom teaches a 2 minute story and a 1 minute business presentation along with magic sequences of words, which are rejection free, to get the job done and all we have to do is take the volunteers.  Tom’s methods are tested, brief and to the point and anyone can use them because there is no pressure on you or the prospect.  Tom teaches 25 skills for network marketing that are tested and work.  As he says you only need to learn a few and you are on your way to success and you can add more as time passes.  You don’t need to learn them all at once but you do need to get out and put them into action.

If you would like to learn Tom “Big Al” Schreiter skills then contact us and we will steer you in the right direction.

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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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