Frustrated Network Marketer–Show Them Who You Are…A Professional

When you are out and about doing your network marketing business what do your potential customers and business partners see?  Frustrated Network Marketer–Show Them Who You Are…A Professional is just a reminder of what should be perceived by those viewing your presentation.  It should show you as a professional who knows what you are doing and someone they would want to do business with or join as a business partner.

How can you look professional?  There are a number of things you can do and one of them is starting your presentation on time.  If you have set your presentation at 7:00 PM and you don’t get started until 7:20 you are showing a lack of respect  for those that are already seated for your presentation.  Their time is as valuable as your time and if you fail to respect their time they will begin to wonder what kind of business leader you are.  “Oh they can’t even start on time, how professional is that?”  “I have another appointment to be to and if it doesn’t start soon I’m going to have to go.”  All sorts of things will go through the minds of those you have invited so fill their minds with what you want them to know about your products and business opportunity.

Set up your presentation and practice it before hand so when the time comes it will proceed smoothly and look natural because you have confidence.  If you have any demonstrations to do, be prepared.  Have the supplies you need and any before hand preparations done so things will proceed smoothly and quickly because you do respect the time your potential customer or business prospect has given you.  Test your demonstration before hand so you know exactly what to do and make adjustments as needed.

If you have company tee shirts, hats and coats it is a good idea to dress in them so the company logos and name is always in front of your prospects.  It looks professional but it also shows you have confidence in the products as well as in the company.  You are proud to be an independent distributor for your company and it shows.

There is one aspect of being professional that you want to avoid and that is being too professional to the point that your presentation appears too routine.  When you do your presentation it needs to be natural but yet simplistic because if is not your prospective business partners will feel they cannot duplicate your actions.  The more natural and fun your presentation is, the more others will feel they can do this also which makes your method duplicatable.  Remember it is not about you but about them.

Frustrated Network Marketer–Show Them Who You Are…A Professional because a professional leader is someone other will want to follow.  If you are asked a question that you are unsure of tell that person you will get the answer and get back to them.  Never bluff your way through because it may find you out and then you will have lost trust.  Your presentation should be professional, smooth and yet simplistic so anyone can do it.  Oh…have fun and let your prospect see you enjoy what you are doing so it can be fun for them too.

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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