Frustrated Network Marketer–Selling From The Catalogue Not From The Heart

Dave and Darlene Id1My wife and I have been network marketers for a number of years now and have been amazed at the quality of the products.  We use the products of the company we are independent distributors and for certain we believe in the products.  The products I use have replaced the prescription drugs I used to take and without the side effects.  Are these products a cure? No, but neither were the prescription drugs.  Do I still have days with pain?  Occasionally but certainly at a much reduced level.  I believe in the products because I have used them and have felt the results first hand.  I cannot understand why some network marketers will ask amongst other network marketers, in the same company, if they use the products and do they work?  From this point of view I see Frustrated Network Marketer–Selling From The Catalogue Not From The Heart.

How confident are you in the products you sell?  If you sell a product that you have never used where is your confidence level?  You may not realize this but your prospective business partners and customers feel this when you talk to them about the business or products.  If you have never used the products there will not be a personal testimony regarding the success you have had with the products.  That leaves you with 2 choices:  lie about your usage of the products or use a third parties testimony.  Your prospective customers will begin to wonder why you use third party and not personal testimony about the products and you will have undermined their confidence in you and the products.  If you lie you will get caught sooner or later and you will have lost the trust of those prospective business partners and customers as well as existing ones.

Anyone can read the description of a product from a catalogue but as a non user of the product can you truly state what the benefits are?  Can you speak with conviction about the product?  Without first hand experience I would doubt you could unless you result in telling stories that are misleading.  People feel your emotion when you talk about a product you believe in because of first hand experience and they feel the lack of emotion when you read from a catalogue.  There are no emotions felt from a mechanical process so be aware of this when presenting your products and business opportunity.

I know there are some out there who have never used the products they represent and have had success doing so.  But how much more success would they have had if they were a product user and spoke from the first hand experience.  Personal testimonies are an invaluable tool to use when presenting your business opportunity and products.

Getting back to my own testimonial I will say there was another person I was associated with suffered the same malady I have.  The difference was I went the route of using natural products sold by the company I am a independent distributor for and they remained on the prescription drugs.  Sad to say a few years later this individual stated that there was internal damage to 2 internal organs they attributed to the prescription drugs.  Do I use and believe in the products I sell? YES, YES, YES.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Selling From The Catalogue Not From The Heart is opposite and counter productive to my belief.  How about you?

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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer–Selling From The Catalogue Not From The Heart

  1. Certainly a very valid point that when you are even unable to show your passion for the products for some reason then its very hard to tell people about what really happened to you as a person. So then you are unable to talk about your own results and it means you are falling backwards.

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