Frustrated Network Marketers–Are You Committing Financial Suicide, Part 1

Are you committing financial suicide in your network marketing opportunity?  I have seen a lot of frustrated network marketers in recent years, and was compelled to stop signand consider why there is financial suicide and frustration in such a wonderful industry after the recruit signs on the dotted line.

Network marketing according to Robert Kiyosaki (and others) is a great way to make an income.  Many people are following this dream and far too many are becoming disillusioned with the business model.  But why do only about 5% succeed while approximately 95% fail?

There is nothing wrong with the business model of network marketing.  Perhaps the lack of success you may experience and the frustration you are now feeling is not because of the dream of network marketing; perhaps it is just that you need to rethink in what field will you  plant, cultivate and reap the dream.

If your field of dreams is not growing as you had hoped, perhaps it is time to plant and cultivate in another field. ~ Darlene Mills

Maybe you need to find another crop to plant too. ~ Deborah L. Douglass

Oh but you say, “my friend got you into the great deal.”  She/he is doing great or maybe they are not doing so great either, but they too have been sold on a dream or have sold your friendsthemselves that the product/service is the absolute best in the field of network marketing. And it very well could be.

You and your friend are working the new opportunity and nothing is happening.  You continue to work and buy leads and attend the  training provided; which leaves you at the end wondering what the training was all about, what skills did you learn tonight?  They didn’t tell you how to talk to your prospects, they didn’t tell you what to say to them, but they did tell you, “You are not talking to enough people, you have not received enough no’s.” You need to buy more leads, YOU need to get a thicker skin.”

Your friend got you into to it!!!  Your friend wants to stay another year, but one thing your friend has that you don’t is time and money.  Money to spend on purchasing the product/service (autoship) and the leads which lead NOWHERE.  

Let’s put this into some perspective. A word picture…if your friend lead you to a bridge and said, “I have had it, I am going to jump off the bridge, you jumping with me?”  Would you jump with them?  NOT likely, you would do all you could to stop them from committing suicide.  You would not follow them off of a bridge or a cliff.  So why do we continue to follow our friends when they commit financial suicide in a network marketing opportunity?  Some times the friend is not committing suicide, it is you all on your own.  They have you in their downline where they are making money on your efforts to stay alive. 

Your upline and friend  tell you look who is running the company they are a great family man with four families to prove it.  They have been in Corporate America and ran three successful business, they were the CEO (Crooked Evil Opportunist) and the UFO (Uniformed Firing Officer) of the company which they started from the basement up.

Coming from Corporate America does not qualify someone to lead a network marketing company.  They have no experience in the field.  They know how to “Fire” someone, but do they know what it takes to be a successful distributor?  Their main focus is on the bottom line and keeping the investors happy..not YOU.

To avoid further financial suicide what are you going to do?  Do you stay and die because your friend got you involved or do you stop the slow bleed and think for YOUR SELF? 

Do you decide that Network Marketing is the Dream but the field you are cultivating  field of dreamsdreams in is not fertilized, the nutrient rich soil is depleted and you must seek more fertile ground?  Do you seek out another field of dreams?  Do you find another field to plant, cultivate and reap its benefits from? Do you find another crop to plant?  Or do you stay and hold on to the hand of your friend who watches you slowly commit financial suicide

Why is there financial suicide and frustration in such a wonderful industry?  Let me ask you what is your Philosophy?  What is your slight edge?  The reason that 5% are successful and 95% are not is because the 5% have a “Philosophy” of taking necessary, small, seemingly insignificant, mundane action steps each and every day.

If you are not reaping what you hoped in your field of dreams then cultivate a “Philosophy”, where to goand find another field to plant, cultivate and reap your financial dreams.  Network Marketing is not all fun and games…it is plan, do, review and adjust. Over and over and over again until you get it right.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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