Frustrated Network Marketers– MLM Economics, Retention and Attrition

From time to time we speak with frustrated network marketers on the phone who are looking for help with their online MLM Business. These awesome folks   just want to figure out why they can not make their opportunity work as they were hoping. I was talking on the phone with someone who was concerned about Voodoo MLM economics (Retention and Attrition).

But first allow me to explain that our prospects fall into one of two groups:

  • Prospects are already in an online business opportunity & trying to figure out how to make it profitable… WARRIORS       or
  • Prospects are looking for a business opportunity to make profitable that they can work from home.

The lady I was talking with was in group #1…trying to figure out how to make her mlm profitable.

However she felt since I was on the line with her, she  would attempt to reverse-recruit me. So she told me about her incredible company and their 98% retention rate. It was amazing,  absolutely no one ever left her company. Every one stayed.

(Frustrated network marketers would find that statement “FLIRTATIOUS”!)

OK. You could give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was new and was just repeating what she had been told by her upline sponsor. However, she was also telling me how tremendously successful she is, too, so she probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

It all boils down to the “C” word: most people just won’t make the commitment.


  1. M-L-M, like any other business, most people will not make it.
  2. Most people are going to leave.
  3. Most people are going to quit before they are successful.
  4. Most people don’t commit themselves.
  5. Most people don’t value spending time training themselves.
  6. Most people won’t put in the time necessary to actually work their business.
  7. MOST people are just not willing to pay the price for success. It COST way more than they are willing to pay.

Unfortunately most people will not make any REAL commitment to this business. Most of them will quit. Most of them will find a reason not to do it.”

We talk to so many people who have been beat up in this business. They have been cooked in the squat.  YET, so many of them are people who will NEVER quit. They are so determined to keep going forever. They are determined to make it work.” They are warriors!

Our prospects tell us, “Yeah. That’s me.”  I’ll never quit. I’ll never stop doing this. I’ll never give up. I’m going to get it right. I’m going to figure it out or die trying.”

Being upfront  with your prospect  enhances your position when you are talking with them,  and flat out tell them all the facts and statistics of the business.

You increase your own credibility and their trust in you when you tell them that you know most people will quit. At the same time, you personally give them a way out of group 1, because most people who learn the RIGHT skills become warriors.

They are never going to quit.

So it’s very worthwhile for you to point out  that most people quit. If this was an easy business, everybody would and could do it.

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