Frustrated Network Marketer–Past Thoughts Have Created Your Present Circumstances

Have you ever wondered how you ever arrived in your present circumstances?  You even may have wondered why it always happens to you.  It may even seem unfair, when in fact it was your own thoughts that brought about your circumstances.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Past Thoughts Have Created Your Present Circumstances takes a look at why you are where you are today.

Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and many others who have success stories throughout history firmly believe that you become what you think as well as your circumstances come about through negative or positive thinking.  I know many people do not believe that their dominate thoughts control their circumstances and destiny in life.  It may seem this idea that your dominate thoughts can control or shape your circumstances seems far fetched.  I assure you, if you take the time to examine your situation you will discover the root of your circumstances were thought driven.

The universe, God or whatever higher power you believe in will generally give you what your dominate thoughts dwell on and translate it into reality.  Not always in the way you think because the higher power knows what is best for you.  The most successful people think positively and separate themselves from negatively thinking people. No! it does not mean they are snobbish but it does indicate they understand the damage negativity can cause to their dreams and desires in life.  You see people that think negatively, woe is me, spiral downward in life and business so very successful people stay away because negativity can be very damaging and contagious.  Does it mean successful people won’t hit bumps in the road?  No, but each time they get back on track and dwell on thoughts of success rather than on the bump in the road.  They learn from their mistakes and the bumps they have encountered and learn how to avoid them in the future.

There are many people today that live in a negative state when it comes to events in the future.  They think the worst and dwell upon those thoughts daily.  They continue down the path of “WOE IS ME” not realizing that they strongly emit negativity, about the situation that has not occurred yet, and brought their fear into reality.  There are certain personalities that analyze a situation or opportunity thinking the worst (sceptical) and unconsciously worry their worst fears into reality.  They overanalyze their situation and make decisions to avoid their perceivable catastrophe and live their life in this state.  Not only does their worst fears come true but they never take the chance on their dreams or desires and never reach full potential because the fear grew and they remained in the same state as before.  Never moving forward to achieve their life’s desires or dreams.

I have seen what happens to people who work the 9 to 5 job when the company announces cutbacks.  They begin to figure how much smaller  the pay check will be, direct negativity towards the company.  What they do not realize is their thought will bring about the reality they fear.  What is sad is the reality they fear may not have been theirs but because the universe is generous it gave them the reality based upon the thoughts they were dwelling upon.  Many of our negative thoughts are highly charged because negativity can produce deep emotions and we end up getting just what we feared most.  All brought into reality because of thought.

It is never easy to break a cycle that has been part f your life for many years.  Recognizing that you have this behaviour is the first step to moving forward towards a positive finish.  Instead of dwelling on the negative and the grim effects this may have, upon you and your family and lifestyle, direct your thoughts towards a positive solution so your dreams and aspirations have a chance to come alive.  The universe is also generous when we charge our dreams with positive thought which in turn brings about positive results.

I would recommend you take the time to read some books written by very successful people or the autobiographies written about them and learn how they thought, overcame obstacles and what they did to achieve their goals.  Also there are some great self development books you can read by Steven R Covey, Napoleon Hill and many others who can help direct your thoughts to a positive state with positive results.  By taking the time to read and ponder your present outlook on how you deal with life Frustrated Network Marketer–Past Thoughts Have Created Your Present Circumstances could be used to shape a positive future with success.  Let the universe give you something you really desire.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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