Frustrated Network Marketer–One Word Your Day Job Boss Loves

Like many others in the network marketing industry you are probably working your online business part time. Frustrated Network Marketer – One Word Your Day Job Boss Loves is: non-commitment.  Oh don’t get me wrong he also hates that word if it applies to your performance at his establishment.  When that same word applies to your online business he just loves it because it still makes you dependent on your day job and making him rich while you live pay check to pay check.  What are you going to do about it?

How committed are you to your own online business?  I didn’t hear you!  How committed?  Come on be totally and brutally truthful with yourself.  Have you reached out for help?  Oh you have.  Were you also totally and brutally truthful to those you have asked for help?  Did you provide a good phone number so they could help you?  Many seem to reach out but when asked the question, are you as far along as you thought you would be?, the answer becomes vague and only partial truths.  The norm seems to be fake it till you make it and cloud the issue of why you are reaching out or searching for an answer of why this business venture is not working for you like you were told it would.

Fake it till you make it syndrome leads you down the path of failure and frustration which further leads you  to “QUIT”.  When that occurs you have certainly failed and the dreams you have die in the process.   Most people don’t like to fail  and like  to admit failure even less.

My wife and I speak as people who offer our help freely but with  one obligation and that is commitment to do what is asked of you when it comes to the homework we assign.  The homework is not difficult and it provides an insight into the industry which explains why you are struggling.  If you are at all committed to your business and dreams, you will take the time to do as we ask because we are committed to see that you reach your dreams.

The homework assigned on average takes approximately 9 hours to complete.  If you have been struggling for months or even years  what is 9 hours out of your time to finally figure out why you are so frustrated?  If you are not willing to be truthful and committed to do the homework then it tells us you are not committed to make your business work and you enjoy struggling.  If you are not willing to commit you are wasting your time as well as ours and I have to ask again, are you committed to make your business successful or are you just dabbling in a network marketing business for a hobby?  I don’t know about you but I did not join a business for the sake of joining a business, I did it to make money and realize my dreams of financial and time freedom.  How about you and what are you going to do about it?

Are you really committed to having success?  Are you just wasting your time?  I hope you are committed to reaching your goal of success.  If you are committed, we are here to help you by providing free information in the network marketing industry which will open your eyes to the reasons why you struggle.  If you are committed start by downloading this free eBook on the industry and by the way we will be calling you to see how we can help.  Filling out the form truthfully will be an indication of how committed you really are to yourself and your dreams.  Are you COMMITTED?


Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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6 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer–One Word Your Day Job Boss Loves

  1. Hi Dave and Darlene

    This is a great offer and a great article filled with tough questions!

    It reminds us of a quote from Mark Yarnell (we think) that goes, “Are you a part-time networker or a some-time networker?”

    Most of us work part time until there’s a good TV show on or a party to go to or a nap to take.

    It all depends on how much we want to achieve our goals. As Big Al says, “You can write your goals, but your actions show your intentions.”

    Thanks for another good read!

    Bob and Anna

  2. Hi Darlene & Dave,

    You make a great point here… commitment vs non-commitment … too many people get into the business with non-commitment.

    You are so right that people feel they have to hide the fact that they need help, then act like they don’t need to do the homework.

    People who are truly successful are always seeking out new information and applying it.

    I know you have the homework that makes an A!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. You sure do “getcha” with this article. If I had not already downloaded the ebook & I knew I was ready to move forward I would definitly get that ebook! Great article! Hugs!

  4. Thanks Jacque for your comment. Much appreciated that you took time to read it and to comment. This is the eBook that changed everything for us…from failure to brighter days and sunshine. Had a few of those days in Mexico…loved it…and more to come.

    Darlene and Dave

  5. Absolutely Karen

    Anyone who has any success sought out and then APPLIED the right skills. Skills make us successful. Anyone looking for help in this business and struggling to find anyone to help or do not feel like they are receiving incorrect training should give Mentoring for Free at least a chance…it is free, and will not cost anything but your time. If you want success then time is required.

    Darlene and Dave

  6. Hi Bob and Anna

    Thanks for sharing Big Al’s quote…”You can write your goals, but your actions show your intentions.”
    Since putting these skills into practice we have seen a big difference in our business.

    Thanks for the comment

    Dave and Darlene

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