Frustrated Network Marketer–Never Quit, Yes I Said Never Quit!

When you are in the regular work force you very often see people that were just hired in the past few days just not show up to work again.  They just quit because either they just don’t want to work or the job is not what they thought it should be.  When we look around us regarding having a job that pays the bills and the lack of jobs being offered we should be appreciative of the job we have.  I like my job that I have but it is not my dream job and that is why I joined the network marketing arena.  I see so many looking or already in network marketing but not having any success because they keep quitting one opportunity and jumping to another.  I say find the right opportunity that is a fit for you and Frustrated Network Marketer–Never Quit, Yes I Said Never Quit!

Most people that join a network marketing opportunity never do any kind of research into the company or the product that is offered.  They listen to a hyped up presentation and told how easy it is to make big dollars in a very short period of time.  Before you sign on the dotted line and pay your joining fee you need to do your due diligence and do a thorough investigation of what you are getting into.  Read the policies and procedures (your binding contract) and study the compensation plan to find out how you are to conduct your business and to see if you are going to get paid fairly for the work that you do.  Check out the company management and make sure there is integrity and a willingness on their part to help you when you need it.

Once you have done your due diligence and have found the business opportunity for you then you need to decide how you are going to promote it.  If you choose to use Facebook, Pinterest or any of the other social sights you need to be consistent in your postings.  I see so many will post occasionally and then state that social sight are no good to conduct business on.  People tend to follow people who show consistency and make regular appearances on their sight.  If you are using traffic exchanges, blogging, safe lists or any other method of advertising your business opportunity or promoting your product then you need to be consistent.  So many people fail at this because they are not consistent in their practices and go on to blame the method, the company and then their upline.  This frustration usually leads to quitting.

Before you ever decide to quit make sure the routine you have for building your business or promoting your product is actually doing just that and not just an activity that makes you look busy.  Not all activity is business building and that is the activity you don’t need.  Also look at the methods you are using and see if they are the right ones.  If not you may need to learn new skills that will advance your business to the next level.  tomlydThere are a number of very successful marketers out there that share the skills that really work so do some research and find out what they can offer you in the form of training.  One such marketer is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who shares the skills he has mastered and used building his business empire.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Never Quit, Yes I Said Never Quit! because there have been many just inches from success but they quit just before success came walking through the door.

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