Frustrated Network Marketer–Nail It Down Before It Brings You Down

Ever wonder why some people do the things they do?  Ever wonder what motivates them to do it whether good or bad?  Ever wonder why some people do it for a lifetime?  I don’t know about you but sometimes I wonder how they can do a particular thing over and over again even when it seems to be pointless.  They never seem to get anywhere but they just don’t quit.  Why is that?  I have also seen those that try something and just as soon as they don’t get the results they think they should get they just quit.  They just don’t give it enough time to see if it could be successful.  It comes down to why they do it, or in other words, their reason.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Nail It Down Before It Brings You Down and that is their “WHY”.

The reason that people are persistent is because their WHY (reason) is very strong.  The strong WHY is necessary otherwise they just quit and move on.  In the network marketing industry it is the WHY that keep you going when times are tough.  Without it the urge to quit will outweigh the reason to continue.  If you are in network marketing company and have potential business partners to bring into your team it will be in your best interest to have them nail down their WHY.  Remember you want to build your team only once and it may seem that you are having great success when because of  a weak WHY team members begin to quit.  Your team can fall apart if there are negative events happening in the economy or smaller events such a product going on backorder and the individuals have a weak WHY.  You get the idea.

What is a WHY?  For some people it may be they are tired of living the lifestyle they presently have and wish to better their lifestyle and help their family better themselves.  For others it may be they want to travel and need the funds to do so.  The best and strongest WHY often involve helping others whether it is financial or support of other means.  A WHY should be all consuming and an important motivation to complete the dream or goal.  The strongest WHY is not usually about becoming wealthy because money makes a poor WHY.  Whatever WHY you have make sure it is very dear to your heart so it can carry you through when times get tough.  For team leaders make sure you team member have a WHY that will help them so your team remains strong and whole.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Nail It Down Before It Brings You Down.

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