Frustrated Network Marketer–Leads, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

If you look around you will clearly see that people want something and they want it right now.  No one wants to wait at all they just want it now.  It has become this way in life as well is in the world of business.  To gain in life some people will do anything to get what they want.  They will participate in illegal activity to get what they want now.  They will even go as far as cheating their own family and friends so they can have it now.  For many this type of activity has entered ever facet of their lives.  It is even evident in the business world of online marketers who are in a huge rush to get their business built so they can earn that bonus check quickly.  Those that are new to the industry have been told that buying leads is the best and fastest way to build your business.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Leads, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Where do these leads come from?  One area they come from is an online ploy by a company who offers a computer, IPod or some other high in demand products which can be won and all you have to do is fill out the form.  They generate a list of people with their name, phone number and email address.  They will either sell it to a lead generating company to be sold or market it themselves for a price.  The ugly part of this is the list contains people who have signed up to win a prize, not a business opportunity or for the products and services you may be selling.  So what do you think the reaction is going to be when you contact these leads?  The major reaction is going to be you getting rejected, hung up on and told off because after all they were not expecting you to be calling with your products, services or the business opportunity.  The games you sign up on the social sites also generate lists which they sell but they now have access to your friends.  NOT GOOD!

The bad part about buying leads is the list you have bought may have been sold many times over.  This means you have very little time to waste before you call all that are on your list.  If you wait you will find they have already been bombarded by others that have been sold the same list.  This will just mean more rejection for you as you make your calls.  A waste of valuable time.  I know a couple who used to buy leads and they joke about being on the list themselves.  They also relate the fact that you have very little time to call the leads on the list because other got to them first.

If you are buying leads or receiving leads from someone the question is “how many leads can you call in a day?”  Some brag about how many leads they get each day but if you cannot effectively call each one that day then you are wasting the rest.  Remember you only have a very small window of opportunity before someone else gets there first.

The good part about leads is you can generate your own targeted leads.  One way we generate leads is through blogging and we find the leads calling or emailing us for information or wanting to buy or join.  The best leads are those that come to you on their own because by contacting you they are already showing an interest in the product or business opportunity.  You can also generate leads through the social sites but remember it is equally important on how you approach them and the best way is by building a relationship of know, like and trust with them.  Never just push your products or opportunity upon them because if you do they will be gone and you will have lost your chance.

There are good companies that sell leads because they have polled those on their lists to find out what they are interested in.  There are also companies out there that have built their lists with unethical practices and that alone makes their sales of leads a “SCAM.”  Remember you have only so many hours in a day to call the leads so be careful on how many you purchase at a time.  Search out reviews on the company you are thinking about buying from.  You can generate your own targeted leads with a few activities online and remember the best leads are those contacting you.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Leads, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly is reality so beware before you purchase.

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