Frustrated Network Marketer–In The Sea Of Traffic Exchanges There Are Many Abandoned Ships

Have you ever used traffic exchanges to promote your web site or business opportunity/products?  Well Frustrated Network Marketer–In The Sea Of Traffic Exchanges There Are Many Abandoned Ships popping up on the horizon.  It seems there are many web sites that pop up when you click on the ad that no longer function.

If you are not familiar with traffic exchanges I will explain their function.  When you join a business opportunity you usually get a web page that you can use to promote  and advertise over the internet or whichever method you choose.  If you have chosen to advertise over the internet you can opt use traffic exchanges.  You can generally join for free with the choice to upgrade for x amount of dollars per month.  At the free account you set up your profile and also set up your ads.  Whether your ads are a banner, website or text only it is connected to the link of the website you are trying to promote.  From there the traffic exchange puts your ad on the internet for others to see.

At the free level it is required that you would view other peoples ads (surf the traffic exchange) and click on the ads to earn credits towards putting your ads on the traffic exchange.  If there is a 3:1 ratio you will need to look at 3 ads to earn 1 credit towards showing your own ad.  As you can see some work is required.

I use traffic exchanges myself to promote my blog and business opportunity.  I have noticed lately  as I am surfing for credits there seems to be a number of sites that have been abandoned and no longer function.  There are also pages that come up from the hosting companies that ask the owner of a particular domain to contact the hosting company in regards to their site which is in limbo.  The abandoned sites no longer display the business/product pages because it appears the owners no longer are with the business opportunity they were promoting.  Domains they were using to promote their business have also been abandoned and will eventually disappear.  To me this spelled failure for a number of people who were trying to create an income from home to enable them to reach their financial dreams and goals.  I am sure this has been devastating and has taken many further from their hopes and dreams and left them even further in debt.

How does this happen?  Just advertising and following instructions of a system which promises success is not enough.  You can advertise all you want but you will need to build a relationship with those who are interested in what you have presented in your ads.  You are going to need to communicate and more importantly it is imperative to have the skills to talk to these people.  Without the proper skills we tend to give too much information and fire hose our potential business partner or product user.  We even insult people’s beliefs by imposing our thoughts upon them and our reasons they should join us or buy our products.

Having the proper skills, knowing how to stay in rapport with prospects and being in the right company makes all the difference in having success.  Frustrated Network Marketer–In The Sea Of Traffic Exchanges There Are Many Abandoned Ships points to a lack of skills and being in a company that is not a perfect fit; but has promised success without providing the proper skills for success.  Looking for skills or a company that may be the perfect fit for you? Contact us and we would honoured to talk about your options.

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