Frustrated Network Marketer–In Search Of The Truth

Have you ever searched for the right product or business opportunity?  You researched the company and the products but you cannot determine the truth or get the answers you are looking for?  You became a Frustrated Network Marketer–In Search Of The Truth and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

While looing for information on a product or business opportunity most people will resort to using Google or other search engines to obtain the information they are looking for.  If you are familiar with search engines you know that at times they will return with millions of hits on the subject you are trying to obtain information on.  Now what do you do?  Within the hits you have received you will get negative, positive and neutral results.  Now what do you do?  In many cases there will be too much information  and without filtering it properly you still will be no further ahead.  What do you need to do to get the information you seek to make an informed decision?  You will need to filter the information and separate what is useful to you from what is not. 

First begin by filtering out those things that are not related to your search.  These results come up due to incorrect key words used by the writer of the blog or article.  These search results are usually found to be unrelated to your search.  These results are frustrating to sift through but the writer uses keywords that are not always related to the article in order to get notoriety for the article.  Ignore these results.

Not all results written by those who have used the products or were once in the opportunity reflect the truth, they will need to be filtered also. You need to understand they may be disgruntled for the wrong reasons.  They may have been using the product improperly or not being consistent in its use and may even have expected instant results.  Remember it took them x amount of years to become the way they are so how can they expect to change things over night.  Those that joined the opportunity who are now making disparaging remarks most likely have failed at that business opportunity.  We have found it is more to do with the lack of skills to do the business successfully than any other reason.  Ignore these results also.

The next information you may come across will be title in such a way as to make you believe the article contains credible information you are seeking.  The article became more of an advertisement than anything else.  The article may indicate the company you are looking into is a scam but as you read you will discover it reads more like an ad for the opportunity telling how great it is.  The writer needs to use trickery to get you to their ad.  If you need to resort in this type of behaviour to do business it shows the lack of skill to properly promote your opportunity.  It is advisable not to join this person in business because all they can teach you the method they are using which will result in a ruined reputation.  Ignore this information.

You will need to sift through the information first and ask for testimonials from existing customers.  Then if you need to have first hand information and experience with the product, and the cost is not too high, think about trying it yourself to see if there are any benefits for you.  Ask questions about the business opportunity and check consumer groups for complaints.  Ask if you will have help and guidance should you decide to join the opportunity.  Ask if you can call the CEO or the management team of the company and at the very least Google them to see if there is any integrity among them and if not stay away.

Not all information is credible you will find so make sure you sift through it to find the truth. The effort is well worth the result of having your answers.  Don’t buy or join a business opportunity until you have done your due diligence otherwise you may find yourself a Frustrated Network Marketer–In Search Of The Truth.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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