Frustrated Network Marketer–If You Build It, They Will Destroy It

You have a dream and to power your dream you will need the income to make it happen.  You have decided to join an online network marketing company with the hope you can make the extra income your dream requires.  It really doesn’t matter what your dream is but the fact is “It is your dream and yours alone.”  You may have included others in your dream but your dream is still yours and you need to keep that at the forefront of your mind.  Why am I so insistent for you to remember the dream is yours?  Frustrated Network Marketer–If You Build It, They Will Destroy It.

Often when you embark on a new venture the natural tendency is to tell family and friends.  With all the excitement you tell them about your dream and how you are going to achieve it.  You may not always get the response you were hoping for when you tell them.  The reaction can go from total support to one of total discouragement.  How you handle the reaction will determine whether you will reach your dream or will it just wither and die.  The best advice I can give you is to keep you dreams and plans to yourself and let the world see your dream when it become real and tangible.  Then you can tell family and friends about your dream because you are already living it and will want to share why and how you achieved it with the hope they too will dream and achieve their goal also.

Why is it you get the discouraging reaction from family and friends?  Sometime this reaction come out of genuine concern for your wellbeing.  They are afraid you will fail or somehow be scammed out of your hard earned money.  These may be a possibility if you lack the proper training of if you have not researched the company you joined.  With the proper training and the right company there is no reason you cannot achieve your dreams. 

Sometime the discouragement from friends and family comes from fear that you may become successful and achieve your dream.  They don’t want you to become successful but remain in the same situation you are in because they are there as well.  They are not successful so they wish the same for those around them that way they don’t have to make excuses of why they are in their present situation or they are afraid of failure..  Sometimes the reaction comes from jealousy where they don’t want you to become successful while they are not. In either case you would be wise to keep your dream and plans to yourself as as success comes they will be curious enough to ask.  The world has the tendency to criticize those that are successful or becoming successful so be prepared for this opposition because it will come.

Because those around you are not willing to better themselves but wish to remain in their present situation, don’t let them destroy your dreams to better your situation in life.  Sometime you may even need to separate yourself from family and friends to avoid the negativity they generate.  Remember it is your dream, don’t let anyone destroy it, so go chase after it and achieve what you have set out to do.  Frustrated Network Marketer–If You Build It, They Will Destroy It, if you let them.

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